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France is in such a vulnerable state, the world is. I would be lying if  I said travelling around Europe and seeing armed guards everywhere with massive machine guns wasn't a constant reminder. This isn't a reason to stop travelling. We can't stop/change our lives out of fear. Paris was still a highlight of the whole trip. If you are going or its on your bucket list here is our Diva's guide to the city of love.

We got to Paris on the Euro star from London which I loved.

We had so many internal flights it was nice to break them up with Trains. Theres bad wifi but who needs it with the french country side as a backdrop. As soon as we showered and dolled up we were off to explore.



-Hotel Costes: we were there during Mens fashion week and it was swarming with fashionistas.  I over dressed and every one is smoking, everywhere. Even when you are eating. 

I ordered the fillet mignon (of course I had a bucket list of french food) and we sat and drank french rose and people watched for hours. It was like something out of a movie. Super cool. 

After dinner we got our Uber driver to take us around the Eiffel tower to have a peek. It was an early night for us (midnight) as the next day was huge.

-Tour the Palace of Versaille. I recommend getting your tickets online and printing them out. Get there for 9am there are hardly any crowds and by the time we left around 1:30 it was the most insane line up I had ever seen. I over heard some girls at the front saying they had been waiting over an hour and a half.

The Palace is everything you hoped for and more. It’s a must.

Then you take an incredbile walk through the gardens and onto Marie Antoinettes humble home. If you get there at 9am you will be at her door for 12pm which is when it opens. The crowds are crazy later than that. Go early.

Wehadcar pick us up which cost around $100 Euro each way (Steven and I had a bus tour ticket for Paris another day and couldn’t figure out where the bus stops where which seemed quite obvious) so a car was a good idea for us.

- Eat at Derrier. This is so French and just for the cool locals. You could almost miss the entrance of this affordable eatery. 2 courses at lunch is $25 Euro- the lobster bisque is incred.

- Lafeytte shopping mall- skip it if you hate crowds. Its like Myer on steroids.

-Dinner at Se’bon. If you go to Paris you must must dine at Se’bon. There are maybe 10 tables so bookings a must. It's run by 2 friends one on the floor and one in the kitchen. The food was a highlight for us all. My cousin happened to be in Paris the same time so we booked for 4 and then strolled to the Sacre coeur green for the sunset. This happens quite late mind you but its a fun place to take some wine and wait for the glorious sunset.

We then took a stroll through the church. Its majestic and a perfect way to end the night. But of course the night didn’t end there. We went strolling through the streets of Montmartre. My suggested suburb to stay in. We ended up at a quaint bistro and drank and laughed for hours.

 - Louvre. So you cant go to Paris and not go to the Louvre. Mona Lisa lives there. But don’t be shocked. She is much smaller than you would think. There are so many master pieces in there I feel like she is a little hyped compared to some of the other pieces.

-L’avenue for lunch. Famous for Kim Kardashian loving the chocolate cake. I was scared this place would be lame. But it was special. I had French fries and fresh lobster rolls with Tom yum Sea bass for main. We made friends with a gay couple who offered to share his snails with me. They were delish and I would recommend them.

-La Comptoir for dinner in St Germain: This place has a line up from 7pm. People wait 40-1hr to have the French food at this humble little bistro. We got there early and snagged the last table. I had a cheese platter (4 cheeses)  for 9 euro and 3 glasses of red with the most delicious beef bourguignon. The whole menu is in french so you really need to trust the waiter. We had a big apple pie for desert with a side of indigestion.

On Monday I take you to my favourite place Malta--- Just wait! 



Europe OCD and London

Europe OCD and London