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Europe OCD and London

Europe OCD and London

As most of you know I have a few (many) neurotic habits. Finding out I was travelling to Europe with only two weeks to prepare my mind/suitcase - threw me into a spin. I know you would think I was being processed for jail with the way I'm talking. 

On a daily basis I need to be armed with hand sanitiser, sulphite remover spray (for my wine) wet bum wipes for number twos (which never happens in public but if it did- could you imagine) At sleep time I need my pillow, ear plugs, eye mask, sleeping tablets (not for daily use/not even monthly use but need them around-securtiy blanket) and then theres the vitamins.. Chinese herbs, pre/probiotics and supplements that I hauled over seas.

So this is a little snap shot of what I need to survive in a first world country and at home on a daily basis.

Experiencing a European Summer has been on my “before I have a baby” list forever.

Benj is SO ready for babies that he was overly encouraging me to go. Steven Khalil (gay husband) was desperate to travel too. We knocked it up in two weeks and off we went.

We flew Air NZ and it was insanely great. The food is AMAZING!! This isn’t sponsored so I can be brutally honest. They are my favorite airline.

First stop was in London: We got a fab air bnb on Marlybone High st. It was right in the middle of the action. The first meal was important. We booked into Fischers for Schnitzel – yes this is a must if you’re in London. Bonus it was a 3 min walk from the apartment. Location when traveling is everytiong. It is also the hardest thing if you have never been to that country and have no idea. We lucked out with our London location.

Must do’s in London

-High tea (some are super expensive so make sure you google before you book)

- British Museum 

- Lunch/dinner in Soho –really cool and affordable

-Walk everywhere, you will burn off the scones and find hidden little treasures

- "The good life" café is healthy and a little Aussie inspired: go to the one in Belgravia and then walk the streets of the uber rich.

-Pop into Zara it has different stock to us and was on sale when we got there

- Kensginton Palace- kinda surreal going to Kate and Will’s house. Historic and haunted.

- If you know someone that can get you into Shoreditch house (Soho house’s sister) its so worth it. Fun, cool atmosphere with reasonable priced delicious food.

- We did a tour of Dennis Severs house also in Shoreditch. It’s a house that has been restored to its original condition. No electricity, ancient furniture. It’s a still life drama that you explore from room to room. Its really unique and a different tour than you would usually expect - no photos allowed inside

Tomorrows post takes us to Paris.. Stay tuned.




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