My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality.

A little about me. I’m 35 years old. 14 years ago my life was very different. My world was very scary. I lost my mum to cancer, my family took me to court over her inheritance and I lost myself. I had no job and had pushed what friends I had away. I was lost and alone. Over the next couple of years I started rebuilding my self. Step by step and very slowly I started to enjoy life again.

I've worked in the media for over 11 years. From having my own column in the newspaper to co-hosting a radio show with my husband Benji Marshall.

I've co-hosted 4 radio shows in both NZ and AUS, hosted travel and cooking shows, created content for some of Aussies favourite brands and last year I had the pleasure of hosting "The house of wellness" and co-hosting celeb HQ on Kiis.

I also gave birth amongst all this chaos and I am madly in love with my little boy Fox.

In 2019 I became co-host on “The baby bubble” on the mamamia network. Which went to number 2 on the itunes charts in its first week.

I also host womens wellness events called “What women want”.