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Must Have Baby List

Must Have Baby List

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I guess you could say I am overly prepared when it comes to major life changes and birthing a human is no different. I’ve taken the courses, read the books and forums, had a doula present; I’ve also had a major body prep list to make sure I prepared my cervix and body for D day. Some would say over the top but it makes me feel safer and more peaceful.

The biggest thing is- once you birth that baby no one tells you what to do when you take it home.

That’s when the real overwhelm sets in.

So I also wanted to make sure I had all the things Fox would need in the first few months. I searched the Internet for all the best tips and tricks of what to have when baby is born and this is what I found.

Baby clothes in both 000 and 0000 not too many as the baby grows so quickly and will live in swaddles. Try to have them 100% cotton (or even organic cotton you can buy affordable ones at target) if possible. Wash these with sensitive clothes wash and hang to dry. I do find popping baby towels in the dryer better so it’s not rough on their skin.


Bottles/breast pump/formula: Whatever you choose I think it’s best to be prepared that we may not have enough milk or any milk come in and that you have your choice of formula rather than anything the hospital has by default. I have chosen an organic cow and also a goat formula in case.

Do a first aid/cpr course, this will make you feel so much more in control when baby is sick or there is an accident.

Have all the medication at home just in case- your choice of reflux medication, nappy rash cream and nasal aspirators.

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Finding the right thermometer can be difficult. I was adamant I didn’t want something I had to stick up my babies bottom or that would make them uncomfortable at all. I found Nurofen for Children FeverSmart, which is a thin adhesive patch that fits onto the babies underarm area. Its sticks without hurting so it doesn’t move (allowing consistent temperature to be monitored) and just like my baby monitor- it has an app that you can log the change in temperature and document what medications have been given and at what time. The app also alerts you if your babies temp goes over 38 degrees (which is crucial info you want to know fast) I am dreading ever having a sick baby but having this type of technology on my side keeps me from panicking.

Lots of fabric nappies and face washers not for using as a nappy but as a burp cloth and protector when you are changing/feeding.  (This was a tip from my best mate and its exciting the control freak in me) I bought 4 packs!

Plenty of sheets and mattress/change table/pram protectors – for poo explosions- the amount of poo is unbelievable.

A range of baby books and apps that help and don’t overwhelm – I live by WOT baby app – it has all the settling techniques in a flow chart which makes life so much easier when you have a screamer on your hands.

Pre booked session with a newborn photographer


A baby monitor that plays music


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This post is sponsored by Nurofen for Children. All non-Nurofen information is the opinion of the author. Always read the label. Use only as directed. If you are concerned about your child’s fever see your doctor. Nurofen FeverSmart is accurate within +0.2°C with correct usage. Environmental factors & child’s position may result in greater variance.




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