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The new Asus keeping me Zen

The new Asus keeping me Zen

I love convenience. I am all about it.

I got my hands on the ASUS ZenBook because it’s light and sexy and lasts for 12 hours.

If you asked me what my needs are when I use a laptop - it has to be portable. Spending so much time between Brisbane and Sydney means I’m carrying my laptop with me everywhere- and being pregnant I want things super light and slim line as I am holding enough weight on my body so I don’t need it on my carry on.

The next bonus is its long lasting battery- shoot days can be up to 10 hours. Then I blog, surf the web, check out my socials, work on my fashion line “ruled by none’ and then to wind down obviously I Netflix and chill.

And I mean that, literally Netflix and chill- not the alternative meaning..


If I have a day trip to Sydney this means I don’t need to pack a charger. Heaven!

It’s important when shooting images for my blog or making edits to the clothing line that the image is crystal clear and lifelike. I need the image of the dress to match the actual fabric and colour- to give our manufacturers correct notes.

This has saved me so much time, I would usually need to physically see the garments and with a move to Sydney a lot of our work is going to be done online. I can trust that the colour I am seeing is the colour of the garment.


Also as the most impatient human in the world I need my computer to keep up with my mind. The ASUS ZenBook is by far the fastest computer I have used.

I know it can handle 15 tabs being opened, downloading our last episode of “The house of wellness” and uploading images for my next blog post.

I feel safe. It’s got my back. And its super strong just in case I ever drop it.. It can handle it. I don’t recommend you try this at home. Just trust me when I say it can handle it.


Lastly its sexy- I myself am not feeling super sexy at the moment but my Asus makes me feel sexy, slimline, gold finishes and a regal navy body makes me feel empowered. It’s impressive by design but even more impressive to use.

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