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Affirmations - KYW

Affirmations - KYW


Rebuilding your selfesteem through daily


Seems corny for somebut many people including myself swear by it..

Miranda Kerr has a wonderfulbook “Treasure yourself” full of these affirmations as does any Louise Haybook. If you’re finding it tough to come up with something by yourself, eitherof those authors are wonderful to refer too.

But really it’s very simple. If you have negative thoughts running through your head chances are your going to be depressed, angry and self sabotaging potentially great opportunities (fun/friends/romance/work/adventure) for yourself constantly.

Affirmations change the way you think, one thought at a time. Your thoughts create your reality.

Maybe not in a minute but definitely in a short time. Starting to repeat these affirmations will shift the way you think and the way others think about you. It is miraculous. It will change your life.

And if it’s good enough for a supermodel that is married to a super hunkwith a super cute baby, some part of this is obviously working for her. (AND IDON'T MEAN ONLY DOING AFFIRMATIONS) But it's a great start.

Below are a fewaffirmations I love that I borrowed from Miranda and Louise.

Think about what youmay want or need to build your self-esteem or change something in your life.

Pick any affirmationthen look in the mirror and look into your eyes. Don't start checking yourselfout or picking a pimple. Just be with yourself. THIS IS VERY CONFRONTING. It’samazing how much we do in front a mirror and never actually stop and reallylook at ourselves straight in the eyes. Then repeat your chosen affirmationand see how it feels. This may feel very awkward or confronting but stick withit. You need to believe what you’re saying for it to become real.

Try and repeat yourchosen affiramtion throughout the day, mirror or no mirror.

And see the change inyour life.

“I am beautiful”

“I am lovable”

“I deserve the verybest in life”

“I make the bestdecisions for my life and my self”

“The perfect job findsme”

“I love my body, it isstrong and healthy”

“I am enough just as Iam”

“Money comes easilyand frequently”

“I love life and lifeloves me”

Ted talks - purpose

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KYW - Law of attraction

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