My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

So what's next?

So what's next?


I'm baaaaaack!! After an incredible time in NZ working with the most incredible people and some would say having dream jobs (yes two) I am back in Aus.

My initial feeling when I knew we were leaving Auckland was panic. But it was the familiar feeling I had when I was told we were leaving Sydney for NZ. What was I going to do over there? Who would I be friends with? Where would we live?

NZ turned out to be the adventure of a life time. I made incredible girlfriends, as I said had the best jobs and learnt a lot about myself as a woman.

I learnt that its ok to depend on your husband to be your only friend when you haven't made any. That its ok to be homesick and cry for no reason as soon as you get there. That I am ok with being outside of my comfort zone, that going on blind dates with women is just as weird as it sounds (but soooo worth it) and that everything happens for a reason.

Now I am back. Moved into a new neighbourhood very far away from where I am used to and now figuring out whats my next step.

As most of you know I do a lot of spiritual work with Kat Dawes. Working with Kat has taught me that no plan is the best plan.

I am allowing myself to be open to all the opportunities that are coming my way. I used to be so rigid. I had to make lists and plan who I had to meet, where I had to go and the way things had to be to be honest it didn't get me very far.

Now its all about letting go of what "I think is best" and letting the universe create whats best and provide it for me.

It sounds pretty out there I know. But it is working. We sold our house we bought in Auckland within three days (we had only owned it for 2 months). The whole move was effortless, to the point that my old boss has been so supportive that instead of being disappointed and sour he has held my hand the whole way through the transition even setting up meetings in Sydney with people I have never had an opportunity to meet.

The world works in mysterious ways and what I have learnt is that you sometimes need to let go of what you think is best and let the Universe take the lead.




The relaxed lob.

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