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I had the worst start to my 2nd day as a 30 year old. I woke up to 1 text and 1 email.

The text was sent on my birthday (night before) at 11.56pm. I only received it when I woke up. It was the most disgusting, abusive and toxic messages I have ever received. Behind it was a lot of sadness. I was shocked at such hatred and understood that chapter of my life was closed forever. I sent (from my heart/not text) a lot of love and compassion to this person. I felt like they needed a lot of healing, their txt to me wasn’t to do with me at all. I moved past that and onto the email.
It informed me that a very important and exciting meeting that was being made had to be postponed for personal reasons for a couple of weeks.
I was disappointed but also in awe of how two seemingly negative messages had hit me like a tone of bricks and it was only 7.15am.
I firstly had a cuddle with my husband who gave me a supportive pep talk. I then sent an email to my spiritual coach Kat and asked for her opinion. She wrote back with a lot of insight as always.
She said "You are calling in clarity. Often as you start to know what u are and what u want...what u are not will rise up to challenge you.

Try and stay in your gratitude, stay in the trust EVEN now. Don't buy into 'how it looks’.”

I meditated on that thought.
Then I had a call from a friend who assured me that I shouldn’t make any agreements or sign any contracts til 1st of July…. Mercury is in retrograde they said….?!
WHAT? I thought I was spiritual and I didn’t even know what that meant.
I went out for lunch and ran into an old friend, she said.. People are pissing me off today, meetings are getting cancelled and my computer has crashed.. I hate when Mercury's in Retrograde!!
Once again I was like…WHAT!!!
How many ways and times did I need to get the hint…
So I looked it up.
Now yesterday mornings awful wake up wasn’t the only thing that's happened lately. My car wouldn’t start twice. I now have a loan car. Meetings I want to set keep being postponed. Communication is crossed and things seem to be stagnant.
What I found when I googled was this awesome article EXPLAINING it all.
From the Huffington post : Larry Schwimmer shares how to survive Mercury Retrograde.

8 Ways to Survive Mercury Retrograde

1. Don't Argue with Lovers, Friends or Co-Workers - Especially the Boss. No matter how well you normally communicate with these people, you'll find yourself misspeaking, saying the wrong thing and having disagreements you don't normally have. There is a very high propensity for mutual misunderstanding. Avoid being critical or to trying to push your own agenda. This is a time to listen to those you interact with. Be willing to throw out fixed ideas and agree to have an open discussion without trying to reach a final decision on any matter.

2. Don't Start a New Project. The retrograde is for considering and evaluating new projects - not for launching them. It's a great time to discuss a new idea, but it's not a good time to make that "big presentation," that requires the support of others. During the retrograde people may either not understand it or oppose it. You may find out later that you left out a vitally important detail that you didn't think of. If your project is adopted, it may either fail or have to be totally restructured at a later date to succeed.

3. Don't Make a Commitment or Sign an Agreement. You're likely to skip over important details and regret it. There's something you don't know that you'll find out when Mercury goes direct after July 1. For these reasons, it's a horrible time for negotiating contracts or making decisions. Avoid entering into any agreements or signing any legal documents unless you're prepared to make serious revisions in the future.

4. Don't Purchase Computers or Install Software. The planet Mercury rules computers. When it goes retrograde, all kinds of equipment suddenly do not operate correctly. Your fail-proof computer crashes. Or, you end up buying the "computer from hell" - the one that was not assembled correctly. You'll regret not buying the three-year warranty the salesperson suggested. And, when you install your new software, expect glitches. Hard drives fail, so make sure to back them up ahead of time.

5. Don't Make an Offer on a New Home or Sign the Documents to Buy One. It's great to do your research and look for a new home or new apartment during the retrograde. But there is something about your new living quarters that you won't know about during the "mental fog" of the retrograde. You won't know that your new home's insulation is so thin, you'll hear your next door neighbor's constant bickering. Someone will forget to tell you there is an insomniac neighbor who plays music until 4 am. By the time Mercury is direct, you may learn the truth or find a better place to live.

6. Don't Buy a Car. Since Mercury rules transportation, any driving vehicle you buy is likely to be unreliable in some way; so it's not an ideal time to buy a car because it may be a "lemon." Instead, research your favorites, test drive them, and then go home and evaluate your choices. Be ready to make your decision when Mercury goes direct.

7. Don't Accept or Start a Job. If you do, you may regret it. Jobs that are accepted during the retrograde end up being quite different than what you originally signed on for. You may find that your responsibilities change so much that they're not what you envisioned. Reporting relationships can be affected as well. When you start a job during the retrograde, instead of impressing your new colleagues, your first encounters may be big communication mix-ups that leave people with a bad first impression of you.

8. Avoid Unnecessary Travel. Traveling these days is stressful enough. During the retrograde you experience inordinate delays, cancelations and lost luggage. If you can't put certain trips on hold, just be aware that you can expect an unusual amount of last-minute flight cancellations, meeting postponements and long transportation delays. Allow extra time when traveling; make sure your bags are very secure. Take extra precautions, because during this time they're more likely to be lost or stolen. Re-confirm your reservations. Be patient and practice acceptance of the fact that inefficiencies are part of the retrograde. Slow down.

The Best Advice

Wait until Mercury goes direct on July 1, to take action and make important decisions. When that happens, clearer communication will return, important data can again be relied on, and you'll see matters with crystal clear vision. You'll possess important information you didn't know while Mercury was retrograde. This new knowledge will help ensure you're making a correct decision. If you heed this cautionary advice, you'll have less frustration, fewer mistakes and disappointing failures during these three weeks.

You won't find yourself getting "Mercury Retrograded!"


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