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"Who's driving?"

"Who's driving?"

Who’s driving: Have you ever planned a quiet night out with friends that spontaneously turns into quite a large night. You succumb to the idea that you will leave your car where you parked it, even if it will be a $60+ cab fare to get home and then hopefully get a lift by someone sympathetic to your hang over (yeah right!)

Knowing that the reality is you may have to spend another $60 getting a cab to pick your car up (what a waste of dollars) and the worst part the car is usually parked in a spot where it needs to be moved by 8am!!!

This seems to be an ongoing predicament for me. Not because I am a big drinker but even if I have had 3 glasses of wine throughout the evening I get concerned if I may be "just" over the limit. So I stop myself at 2 or I leave my car.

I came across a super business called “Who’s driving” that if this above situation pops up for you this company comes to the rescue. They come to you with two drivers one drives their car tandem to the other driver driving your car.

You and your car get home safely.

It costs $50 for under 10 kms and then $3 for every km after that. So roughly it will cost me $55 bucks home and I have my car with me when I wake up.

“Who’s driving works it out to be roughly $10 more than a cab when going one way but works out cheaper if you drive to your location (you save yourself one leg of the trip driving yourself).

They do recommend booking if you want a Friday or Saturday booking but generally during the week they only need a couple of hours notice.

It’s always better to be safe than sorry, even if you feel sober you may not be under the limit by that 3rd glass of wine.

If you mention my name when you book you will receive a discount of 10%

They also have gift certificates for corporate gifts.

Buzz “Who’s driving” at www.whosdriving.com.au

A little note from the Universe

A little note from the Universe

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