My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

Who are you?

Who are you? Have you ever been asked this question? Its an odd one to answer.

When I began creating the show "The truth" (coming soon to the blog) I had a clear idea about what it was. I knew I wanted to show another side of my celebrity guests and have them talk about topics that are rarely touched upon.

But within all of this, who was I as a host? "Who did I want to be?" asked my mentor.

Whoaa.. Ummmm who am I as a host? Or as a person...? I'm, I am.. I'm not sure.

My first thought was to please her with some intelligent, impressive answer that she would like. I wanted to be like her I guess.. But the more I thought about it, the more confused I got.

It actually challenged me. I didn't like this feeling. Why was she asking me this? What was wrong with who I had been on the rehearsal run of the show?

Maybe I could never please her or be like her and maybe I had chosen the wrong mentor..

But this was not the case, another conversation about the same topic was had with my manager.

I told her how I was feeling and that I felt like I had to be an intellectual like my mentor to fit in. But in fact I am no intellectual. I struggle at the best of times to use grammar correctly and don't have much interest in financial or political issues. I am no intellectual and I am ok with that.

I started to think about what I love and what I am good at. I love people, I love connecting with them, I love their stories and the psychology of why people are the way they are. I love theatre/films and music. I love pop culture/lifestyle and health topics. I love all things life related. Ohhh and I love food.

I am an everyday woman. Trying to figure out life's many mysteries with the rest of the world.

I am imperfect. I struggle. I am insecure. I am scared sometimes.

I think that's me. A normal girl with a great job and partner but I am imperfect and really ok with that. I also know that I am a walking contradiction and forever evolving and maybe that is why I don't know EXACTLY who I am...

All I know is I like to share my ups and downs with you all. I also love learning from you.

So I guess that is me. Not an intellectual, not very impressive but at least real.

And in regards to choosing the wrong mentor, how can an intelligent, successful woman who challenges me be wrong. She is just all sorts of right and I am grateful to have someone that can direct me but also question me in my life and career. Not having a mother, this is something I truly cherish.

So now while we are on the subject.. Who are you?

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