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What I thought I knew 3 years ago.. An updated edit

What I thought I knew 3 years ago.. An updated edit

When I was 30 I wrote a list of 30 things I’d learnt in 30 years.

Its time to update the list- The first part is what I wrote then, the italic is now.

1. Forgive – UMMM yes forgive. But if someone is toxic cut him or her off and stay away from them forever. I learnt that in the last 3 years. Praise Jesus for that lesson.

2. Making my own way: This is great but also hard. I really crave an elder or mentor to guide me now.

3. Choosing the right partner: or don’t. Be single, solo, married or dating. Whatever it is -be in love with you first. Otherwise you can attract crazies.

4. Surrounding yourself with the best: Immersion- is key. This is true. Friends, family, colleagues, read, watch, listen, eat, drink. Make sure its quality. Apart from Real housewives because we all need that craziness.

5. Meditate: This is really helpful- especially for how hectic life is. Slow it down. If you cant meditate- at least make sure your breathing once in a while.

6. Flow: I can become quite a control freak at times. I haven’t mastered this- SO HARD- Note to self- work on this

7. Listen to my intuition: Yeah this is still vital- I also listen to my head though. It’s a good combo.

8. Don't accept anything other than the best: I feel like I covered this. Maybe I was running out of things to write..

9. Learn what clothes suit your shape- helpful. You can easily google this. I also live by ONLY BUY WHAT YOU LOVE so much landfill from fast fashion now.

10. Challenge yourself. But also be easy on yourself. This is a long game of life we are playing

11. Learn what foods honor you: I wrote like a wanker back then- I think I am trying to say- don’t eat dairy if it makes you fart really bad. It means your body can’t handle it. Another note to self.

12. Smile at strangers: Be kind to everyone you meet. Also be wary- some people are mean spirited. Don’t give those people your energy.

13. Don't judge: We have no idea what someone is going through. Everyone experiences life and their lessons in their own time. TRUE

14. Be a good friend: If someone you love is behaving like a dick, call them out on it. – Also true

15. Don't sweat the small stuff-  I still do – but good note

16. Love your flaws. Accept it all. This is a daily struggle lets be real- but we can try to make peace slowly. Maybe even just start with gratitude.

17. Learn from animals. I sound like a whack job- I think I mean be nice. But we covered this too

18. Don't get attached to your possessions. They are just things. True

19. Anthony Kiedis (from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) book "Scar tissue" shared that their song "Give it away now" was about a friend of his who gave Anthony their fav Jacket. He was shocked and denied the gift but the friend insisted that all things must be shared. Giving it away allows more to come into your life. Life is a flow as is money and possessions. Same note as above- cute story though

20. Learn how to ask for help: This has gotten way better for me- people actually love helping.

21. No one likes a princess: Being with Benj taught me that being low-key and down to earth is much sexier than being a high maintenance girly girl. I am way less of a pain in the ass than I used to be. All lies- I am more high maintenance than ever- its an ugly trait but its also who I am unintentionally and I am not proud of it.

22. Everyone deserves a second chance- UMMM. NO THEY DON’T

23. Be responsible for your health. – Good call

24. Use great skin care and sunblock everyday. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can buy Seba med (moisturiser) at the chemist for less than $20- valid point.

25. Practice safe sex. ALWAYS. Copy that

26. Invest in nice sheets, towels and clothing. By 30 I deserve no Polyester anything- reminds me – I need new sheets.

27. Have lots of make up free, messy hair, comfy clothes days. You deserve it. Whether you “deserve it” just do it!

28. Patience: I am working on this daily... Still working on it

29. Gratitude: All day, everyday about everything. The fast track way to the best life ever! Who talks like that? BEST LIFE EVER. Sorry for my over the top GURU-ness -although gratitude is the easiest way to get through life.

30. It only gets better - the older we get the richer in wisdom. Bring on the next 30 and the 30 after that!

It might get better but it also gets harder.

My 30 yr old self sounds very naïve.


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