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What an honor.

Yesterday I was asked a huge question. A question that brought my girlfriend to tears. A question that bares a lot of responsibility. Why me? Am I ready for this?Image

Mumma to be as a bride and me x

I was asked for the very first time to be a Godmother!

I don't really know what that means, I do know that I am incredibly close to my own Godmother and when my mum died she really was the person I called upon for support. I still do.

We don't talk everyday or even monthly but I know she is unconditionally there for me.

I now have the opportunity to be this for someone else.

I asked the mum to be why she chose me? She said the most beautiful thing..

She wanted the child to have a wonderful role model as a Godmother. I was honored.

But then in snuck the anxiety, How do I do it? Be a role model? That seems like a big job..

The father to be, made sure he checked in with Benji (the already ordained Godfather) to make sure we weren't breaking up any time soon! When Benj reassured we were rock solid he knew they could go ahead with the big question.

I have to say, I am still nervous and I feel a weight of responsibility. What if I swear in front of the child or make bad decisions? What if he/she doesn't like me?

At the end of the day, I don't think any of that matters.. Or would even happen..

All I know is that Benji and I are having a Godbaby! And what an honor it is to be apart of this..

I guess you can sum it up as an extra set of parents.. There to love, teach and guide this new little person in the world.

and that my friends is an honor.


My Godmother Annie and I

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