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Wedding prep secrets tip 1

As a bride I think I have been overly relaxed.. But now it is time to get my act together. The wedding is a couple of months away and usually "brides to be" are prepping themselves a year in advance so I think it is time. I am going to share with you not only great places to eat out, to keep the bod tight but also what I do to train the body, detox with my favourite holistic programme at http://www.eatfitfood.com.au and prepare my skin.

Today I want to share a new secret from Sodashi, http://www.sodashi.com/

You all know this is the only skin care I use at home. It is all natural, pure and also holistic.


I have been using the Rejuvenate range for a year and a half and my skin couldn't be better. The other thing I love is when using the products they are so luxurious you feel like you are having a day spa at home. If you take a moment to be with yourself, massage the product into your face and neck, you can just breathe in and enjoy the aromas.. it really is a treat.

At this time I can't help but take a moment of gratitude.

I can rave on and on about Sodashi but what I want to rave about is their new eye cream I have started using before the big day..

Now I cannot express the importance of starting to use an eye cream early. I started in my early 20's and as well as using SPF on my face everyday and avoiding the sun on my face I can say I will be very thankful for this in my forties and fifties..

Sodashi has released there Samadara anti age-defying eye cream. This is quite a potent formula and I may be a little young to use it but hey, go hard or go home!

It uses Rose oil from turkey that is $8,400 a litre ( you know that's some dang good rose oil) this soothes and hydrates as well as repairing broken capillaries and reducing redness. Perfection.

This cream instantly brighten, lifts and tightens my skin. As there are no oil glands under the eyes this area is prone to ageing so this is a wonderful preventative.

MY FAVOURITE PART is the two rose quartz crystals you use to massage the cream on. Not only is the rose quartz crystal, the crystal of love (perfect for prepping for the wedding) but it is so nice to treat yourself daily to such a decadent practice. YUM!!

The other ingredients I love are the:

Rosewood oil: boosts elasticity

Centella oil: Increases collagen production

Carrot oil: Tighten and firming

Neroli: reduces inflamation

Rose quartz crystal water: Alleviates stressors that cause ageing.

I combine the eye cream with these steps:

1. The rejuvenate Cleanser

2. The tone with the rejuvenate face mist

3. Recovery skin boost

4. Rejuvenate face and neck moisturizer ( I add a spf to this in the day)

5. Then the Samdara

6. For a treat you can use the Brightening marine mineral mask too.

This my good friends is my first lethal weapon prep tip.. No botox or bullshit. Just pure nature doing it's best.

P.s the french twist is because we are celebrating Sodashi (Australian made and owned) just launched in France! CONGRATULATIONS MEGAN!!!


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Let it be

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