My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

An update and I'm back to my blogging best

An update and I'm back to my blogging best


Lets be up front I haven’t been the best blogger of late. In fact I have been terrible. I had the best intentions re-did my whole site hired an IT helper to get me on track and then just as I was about to dive in head first- I got the call.

The call was from my manager telling me that they would like me to stand in for Sonia Kruger on “Mornings” whilst she hosted Big Brother. I almost needed them to double check that they wanted me. Me? Are they sure…Usually the talent on these shows are much more experienced and a little bit older and wiser...

For whatever reason they chose me! I felt like I finally was finding my place at Channel 9. It was literally a dream job for me.

Then Nek Minute! Benj tells me we have an opportunity to up and move to NZ. As excited as I was for this new chapter in my life I was equally disappointed. I had worked and waited and hustled for this moment and now I had to move.

I had been doing some work with my “Nowism” coach (she teaches me to be in the now all the time - as well as her being a life coach I guess) my life has literally changed since working with her. But she taught me that this is just the beginning. There is sooooo much else waiting for me.

So I looked at the situation as super exciting and decided to be productive, seek out a manager and take some meetings. Then the Nek Minute after that I was meeting with huge TV networks and being offered 2 dream jobs!

Unfortunately I could only do one as they were both being filmed at the same time and the head of the Network decided I should host “The Great Food Race” a reality  competition which is all about food, home dining and travel!

I couldn’t believe it. My coach was right. I went from one dream job to another.

So as well as moving house, moving countries being in between two amazing jobs I have now stopped filming and have settled and can start to blog.

I’ve been filming The Great Food Race (TGFR) and I can’t say too much right now but I have been on more planes than at home. I really can’t wait to share this whole experience with you all!

Coming into the new year there will be some new additions to the zoemarshall.com family.

Mel Holmes is a wonderful friend, mother and wife (to another rugby player) but she is based in Sydney and we met completely by chance and are not linked by footy what so ever.

She is going to share some fresh and insightful posts next year for all the yummy mummies, hot housewives and power women out there. She is not only one of the hottest mums but she is super fashionable as are her kids, she has a wonderful connection to her spirituality and is one hell of a homemaker (is that even a term any more?)  and business woman. Yes she is pretty much the super woman. She is the loveliest, most genuine and humble woman I know.

I have also joined forces with a blog management team and for all of you out there in NZ and beyond who know of Kimberley Crossman and the pocket rocket she is will know how fab her website is. I have enlisted her company to help me stay on track and keep the blog posts consistent.

Thank you so much for still supporting me and I promise that you wont be disappointed. Zoe x

The Great Food Race coming to TV3 in 2014

The Great Food Race coming to TV3 in 2014

Luxe to Less

Luxe to Less