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The wonderfully weird world of fashion

Image I have to say a wonderful perk of the job is that I get to be dressed by some of Australia's best designers and when Fashion week came around I was lucky enough to be invited to some brilliant shows and yesterday was day 1.

Camilla, Dylan Cooper and Manning Cartell where on the must see list!

Sadly I missed Maticevski today as I am unwell and have so much work to do.. But I will bring you some wonderful photos and stories from the Aje show on Thursday as well as the Suboo show which is Friday..

First things first, Fashion really is another world!

I love the people and their daring style.. It was really interesting watching the guests as much as the catwalk..

The bloggers, the fashionistas, the  designer bags! How much money you spent on your handbag seemed to be rather important and don't get me wrong.. Santa Claus knows how much I want a Chanel.

There was one thing that was rather alarming..

The models..

Models are interesting creatures.. Beautiful, wonderfully tall but freakishly thin. I saw a girl almost stumble down the run way and I don't think it was the size of the heels she was wearing but that she hadn't eaten all year and felt faint. This really really freaked me out. In the fashion world it is incredibly important to be thin and not just the models, the stylists and bloggers seem to all be on the same eating program. I found this terribly off putting.

I have to say I think if some of the designers used women with a little more meat on them they may sell more clothes. These anorexic models didn't do anything for the garments. One girl in particular in some amazing hot pants distracted me from what she was wearing  because I was so concerned for her health and she just looked sore walking down the runway not glamorous.

Other than the shock of how thin models are up close the shows were AMAZING!

The production work put into these clothes, music and theatrics made some of the shows just magical.

It was fun to dress up for the day, chat to some wonderful people and take home a couple of goody bags Dylan Coopers wonderful candle was the bonus.. Think it may be Gardenia, My favourite.

I also had fabulous company in my two dates Liv and Maude so all in all it was brilliant chaos.

If I can share anything with you all its to please never ever use a models figure as a "dream body" goal. Women that thin are not healthy or beautiful.

Never deprive yourself. Everything in moderation.. Except when it comes to chocolate or Jatz.. I love me some Jatz.

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