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The spiritual reader

The spiritual reader

I am a pretty open minded and out there girl when it comes to spirituality and trying new things. I have read self help books, gone to week long work shops and even studied to become a therapist and life coach. So when I tell Benj I went to a Psychic, he rolls his eyes and changes the subject, it's not his cup of tea like many others and I get that.

Now I have been to a few psychics (4 to be exact) and some obviously are better than others.. And yes one tried to rip me off and make me send $500 to his family in India. BUT they aren't all bad.

When I heard about Denise I was seeking some answers and coincidentally  she does her readings across the road from my beautician so I couldn't help but book in to see her.

The thing about Denise is, you immediately feel like you're with family. She is warm and maternal, she is dressed beautifully and keeps a gorgeous home. She is a normal Italian mother that makes biscotti fresh for her sons cafe.

She tells me she was given a "gift" as a little girl but  its power really resonated after her fathers passing 13 years ago. Denise is catholic so when I ask her about the people who believe this is devils work she says she is a "spiritual" reader. This isn't witchcraft or voodoo. It is simply spiritual.

How does it work you ask? I found it hard to understand but she says she picks up your inner voice and sees images and transmits them for you. She believes she's just the vessel for the reading. I know as I write this it sounds oogie boogie but until you sit with her it's hard to comprehend. She tells me that she earns her clients trust by revealing to them information that only they would know. It's not a vague description she calls it hitting the "bull's eye". Then people know she is the real deal.

I ask her what the most common questions are and she tells me most people don't ask questions because she speaks to quickly and in her reading most of their questions are answered.

And this is true I didn't need to say a word. My first session begins and she whizzes and rushes around me to set up. She starts to speak before she even sits down. She said many things in the first reading, she uses angel cards to assist her. She speaks of things that only I know. She knew that my mother who had passed felt very sad about some family upheaval. She knew about a violent past relationship. She knew explicit details. She knew about Benj and my family circumstances. She knew it all!

No other reader has ever picked up or even touched the surface like she did. Finally I was a believer. She moved something in me so deeply that I wanted to burst into tears. Something I can't do in front of strangers. I was so rushed after our appointment ended that I held in my grief until I had a moment to stop and completely broke down in tears. Denise opened up a part of my heart that had been locked up with fear that if it was opened it would be like Pandora's box and the tears and pain would never cease.

But in actual fact, once the tears came, the grief seemed to pass so swiftly. I had someone connect me with my mum for the first time in 6 years, validate my feelings and support me through it.

It was honestly one of the deepest cathartic experience I have had. It was like a good therapy session (we all know how much I love me some therapy).

I know there are still sceptics and this isn't my way to change someones view or even for people to make bookings with Denise. I don't benefit from it and she is busy enough as it is. This is just me sharing another experience, one that opened my heart.

Denise: 0422 792 792


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Stella is dead.

Stella is dead.