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The failing vegan

The failing vegan

The failing vegan. Yep thats me.

Last night eating salmon on crackers after my vegan dinner.

My life has been changed by a half viewed documentary. Cowspiracy. I could only get half way through it because of the immense fear that it was going to turn me full vegan.

I will finish watching it.. one day, I promise.

I can’t be vegan. I love food. I eat out 3-4 nights a week. Trying restaraunts is my jam. I live to eat not eat to live.

There is so much denial involved with me being a vegan just like I refuse to believe I'm coeliac. I've demanded the doctor re test my blood and do another endoscopy to prove the first tests were wrong. No one wants to be friends with a coeliac vegan.

I certainly don’t!

I’ve spent so much of my life thinking what weirdos vegans are. But now I get it.

Vegans are the most selfless people in the world. They are trying to save our planet by cutting out the tastiest foods in the world. It’s proven that agriculture is the number one cause of deforestation amongst other things. I wont scare you with it all (see below for the stats) so if you're like me wanting to do something but still love burgers we can try and be vegan a couple meals a week. Even that small step can help the planet.


Last night I attempted to make some zucchini fritters as my husband was eating parmesan crusted chicken schnitzel. The fritters didn’t turn out that well. I ended up only eating the steamed broccoli and the sweet potato mash which I just realised wasn’t vegan because I put milk in it!!!


Another failure.


My point here isn’t to share how bad I am at veganism. It’s to say lets start somewhere. Even if half the meal has dairy through it. We learn and will try again.

And please know that I hated every minute, I wanted that schnitzel so badly. But this year I'm going to try and be more of service not just to others but to the planet too.


Would love to hear whether you have tips and tricks to make it easier. Restaurants? Recipes? Thoughts… Please help!




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