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The controversial way to fall pregnant

The controversial way to fall pregnant

I’m baaaaack!

I’m sorry I haven’t blogged for so long but you know I am an open book and I felt like I couldn’t post the real stuff knowing I was pregnant and not being able to share it (this is coming in another blog- as it was Benjs request).

First post I feel has to be all about the cleanse, my endo and if working with Dr Liu really worked.

I have been getting inundated with the same questions so I thought I would pop all in one spot.

How bad was your endo? I had stage 4 endometriosis removed twice. Twice I felt like it grew back within months. I had it growing badly again- I could tell it was growing from the size of the blood clots and the amount of pain I was in monthly.


 Do you feel like Dr Liu healed your endo? 100% yes! My symptoms stopped. For the first time in my life (since I got my period at 11) I had a “normal” period. Slight cramping, light bleeding (normal I’m sure for everyday women- but not for me) no blood clots.


How hard was the program with Dr Liu: It is incredibly hard. You need to want to do it for your health. You can’t do it for weight loss or a quick fix or you will quit. It was the most difficult 2 weeks. The first 4 days were agony. But if you can commit you have to give it 100% financially, your time, you need to dedicate yourself to it. Don’ t question him or cut back on treatments. I don’t see Dr liu at all anymore. But I saw him every day for the first month. And Its not cheap. But it is a life fix and about the same cost as removing my endometriosis.


Do you believe he got you pregnant?  We were on the pregnancy program straight after I finished the 3 month 101 well being program and I feel pregnant the 2nd month. So yes I do believe he got me pregnant- Benji did have something to do with it too?


What are your tips and tricks to fall pregnant? I literally followed everything Dr Liu said. The trick for me was my endo thrived when I held on extra weight- my hormones were unbalanced at my starting weight. When I regenerated my organs and balanced my hormones that’s when my symptoms left and I got pregnant. There aren’t any tips or tricks. I didn’t need to have sex every second day, I didn’t need to keep my legs up in the air. Dr Liuand I tracked my ovulation and I was simple.


What was the cost: I can’t quote it on here as my needs are different to everyone elses. But it isn’t cheap. Its an investment in your health. Lets just say I cured my endo and am pregnant and the cost compared to IVF and an endo removal would be a lot more.

I can't guarentee that if you do this you will fall pregnant.

I am saying this worked for me.

If you choose to do the program don’t get mad when it gets hard or try and skimp on things because of the cost. You wont get the same results.

Are you being paid to say this: GOD NO. This is my experience. This isn’t an advertisement

Please leave any other questions you might have and I will get back to you.

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