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I got to interview the very spiritual Ash hart this week. Some may know her as a model, some may know of her as a yogi.. Whichever it is, she is just divine.

Something she said really resonated with me. We were talking about success and if her spirituality has played a part in that.

Many of the big wigs we look up to Oprah, Ariana Huffington and Richard Branson all have mindfulness work shops implemented into their staffs daily routines. Spirituality has definitely played a part or maybe it was sought after the success for the need to appreciate and have gratitude for how far they come. Either way, it was pivotal and they are still all practising.

Ash said she views success in a very different way than she had in the past. I get this. I used to think it was how much money I had (which wasn't much) how slim I was or what job title I had. Anything that I thought others would be impressed by, or what society made me think I needed.

Bottom point I believed that the superficial things would make me "happy" and "successful".

Ash said her success is now based on how good she feels, how much she has smiled and how full of love she is. 

Ahhhh. I love that.

I feel exactly the same. I know its been a good day if I have started with meditation (even 10 mins is fine) and grateful heart, even for the smallest things like a tap with clean water to drink from. If I have moved my body, learnt something new and loved my hardest I know its been successful. What really tips me over the edge is if I've been of service to someone, a stranger or a close friend it makes no difference to me. That is the peak of success in my eyes!

The best bit is, the more I live my life like this the more financial and material abundance arrives.

I dont do it for that purpose. I do it because it feels good, the other stuff is just the cherry on top.

You don't often meet many like minded people in the media industry and Ash is special.

If you want to listen to the 3pm pick up podcast you can catch it here. Its not all spiritual, we definitely cover other cool topics, like conscious de coupling and the Kardashians!

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