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Seeing as I'm a budding food critic. I thought I would use some teachings from my now mentor Matt Preston he told me the key to writing about food needed to fulfil one of the below three points.

a: You go back to eat there the next day it was that good.

b: You tell everyone else about how great it is

c: you can't stop thinking about going back there. 

Sprout is all of these things. Now its not an ideal place to write about (another note was to keep it general (city) rather than suburban) and sprout is in a small suburb on the north shore in Sydney called Naremburn (which takes me 30 mins to get to) and its specialises in foods for the health conscious. BUT its so bloody fabulous I have to write about it. I'm actually nervous to share it with you all, it doesn't need any more customers.

It's already packed on the weekends until about 1pm. It's a large, buzzing cafe with an out door patio which is great for kids and lots of tables inside which spill onto the foot path. The owner Joe is always around chatting to customers and making everyone feel comfortable.

There is an extensive drinks menu and a separate food menu. The menus are impressive, chocked full of options for the health conscious, the paleo's, the vegans, if you have any intolerance they cater for you and in a spectacular way. It's so good I go weekly. I stock up on sweet potato brownies and lemon balls. I have been known to go there 3 times a week. I wish I got paid in brownies just to write this but I don't- hint hint Joe if you read this.

The menu is also safe for the friends that have a hangover. My husband loves the pulled pork burger (17.95) and the sweet potato chunks with aioli ($6.95)

I have yet to try everything on the menu but my must haves are the powerhouse salad ($20.95) which has kale, spinach, broccoli, zucchini, wakame, dulse (algae) and seeds. I have the miso dressing instead of the apple cider dressing and poached chicken instead of grilled. 


See how I change things around.. It doesn't even piss them off in fact I think they enjoy it.

I live for the miso smoked trout bowl ($20.95) and the sprout fritters ($21.95) are my latest obsession. The fritters are a mixture of kale, feta, green chilli and mint which are pan fried in coconut oil and served with cherry tomatoes, ribbons of cucumber, and yogurt dressing. I get some grilled chicken and chilli on the side. 

I always finish off with one of their many teas and elixirs accompanied by the BEST sweet potato brownies I have ever come across in life. They have other paleo treats and a whole pana chocolate fridge full of goodies.

If you are keen on going click here for more details just please don't head there with 30 friends and take all the brownies. 

Best breakfast ever

Best breakfast ever

Trailer trash vampire

Trailer trash vampire