My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

Self Care


Self Care and What it Means to Me

‘Self care’ it’s a word that’s often thrown around in todays fast paced society but what does it actually mean? 

Is it taking a bath? Being alone? 

Shopping for things you don’t need but make you feel good in the moment?

For me what self care means is just taking care of myself. 

No different to how I would care for my son.

Checking in internally to make sure that all my needs are met. 

Am I well fed and nourished?

Taking the time to assure that what I’m consuming is (mostly) whole foods and where I can sourcing foods that are affordable organic . This is especially true for the dirty dozen (fruit and veggies) meat and dairy.

Am I moving my body?

This one is huge for me at the moment. I have trained with my PT 3 times this week and each of those days I have felt truly happy and energised. I hate exercise but the feeling that it’s giving me is really keeping me going. Top secret - I hadn’t done cardio in 2 years and started slowly this week (5 min ) intervals and I am loving the endorphin rush!

Am I alone?

Some people thrive on the energy of others while some people need to recharge alone. This is me. I love being alone. This is very hard with a small child. I have to prioritise it. I don’t. This is a note to self too.

I do realise I am very privileged to be able to think of self care. We are all so fortunate to be living in a first world country where many of our basic human needs are met like electricity and running water. If you are struggling to be grateful for anything that’s a great start. 


Really try and stop for a moment too feel it in your soul when you are grateful. When we do this instant the things we take for granted just slow down and stop. When was the last time you stopped to think about the apple in your bag? The many humans that it took to get the apple into your hands is truely momentous. 

Dance and sing 

Music is a great feel good tool and can shift your mood instantly.  Move your body, sing to the rooftops. 


Sometimes we just need a bloody good cry – music helps with this too. Sob and wail, the uglier the better, nothing feels better than crying.

Read a good book

Get snacks, Netflix and chill- whatever it takes to slow down.

Get off your phone

Manage your notifications, stop mindless scrolling, put time limits on your social media. Remember you are in control of your device its not in control of you.


With your friends, family, the person at the bus stop. Make eye contact, smile, strike up a conversation with a stranger. Even better compliment them. I guarantee it will make their day and yours. If the time is spent with someone you know, soak them in. We all love when someone turns off the TV and phones and has a conversation uninterrupted with us.

Drink water, Drink wine

Both are vital for survival. Have more water than wine.

Listen to what your body and mind need. 

More chocolate, less chocolate, sleep, movement, sharing burdens on your mind. Be responsive to yourself.

Treat yourself to a massage or acupuncture 

Anything that brings cortisol down. If you can’t afford a massage go to the training clinics they do them for free.


Eat cheesy pasta, fried chicken, ice-cream. Food is for your soul. Just don’t punish your body by over consuming.


10 mins daily. In bed. In Pyjamas, just set your timer and breathe. 

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