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Ruled by none

Ruled by none

Ruled by none

I have been bursting at the seams to share the news of this incredible T-shirt line I have created with Dissh founder Lucy Henry-hicks.

Lucy is a powerhouse entrepreneur and when we met it was like reuniting with a long lost friend. I adore her.

After wine (yes way before I was pregnant) and long philosophical chats and baring our sous we decided to join forces and create “ruled by none” a t-shirt line by women for women that are strong, sassy and sexy.

These are for my tribe. For the women who wont be dictated to by society’s standards of what a woman should be.

Its purpose: a conversation starter as $5 from every T-shirt gives back to share the dignity. A charity that supports women that are in crisis situations caused by domestic violence.

I myself have been touched horrifically by DV and if you google it you will find the story.

Slogans like –

Feministé comes in 3 styles - click on the style for direct link to purchase





in white - currently sold out but more stock coming!

in black



Being a survivor, I wish I had known Share the dignity was around to help me in my time of need. I believe in the incredible work they do and have seen the impact on women they help.

Not only will you feel empowered wearing this T-shirt you are giving directly back to women who need urgent support.

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