My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

My week in words and pictures

This week was very intense, there has been some big meetings around the new show and it looks (fingers crossed) that it will all be falling into place... In this industry I don't get my hopes up anymore. I find it's a much better way of handling both disappointments and excitement. We also had the Cleo bachelor of the year announcement! Congratulations Hayden.


I have to thank Aje and Hush for the phenom outfit I got to wear.. Bit of a risk for me but I loved it..


What a party sweaty Betty put on (as always) They pulled out all the stops and the event was held at the place to be..

Hello Marquee!

I will be heading there more often if the Faders DJ are playing, they are awesome and I know Suhana (one half of the duo) from when we were about 12 years old, its refreshing to see two female DJs dominating.. Go chickas!

There where men behind glass walls with no shirts on, women in undies posing on podiums and wonderful wine and canapes (cauliflower/chickpea fritters my pick) to boot!


And not to mention an all star affair.. It was honestly a great night.

I must say the TV version hosted by Jesinta Campbell and Jules Lund for GO! was fab too, Jes is so charming when she hosts..


After all the hoopla of the night before I had a quiet day yesterday. Working away on my many projects when I decided to go and visit my Dad and Nuna. I always like to balance work with family as much as time allows..


It was wonderful sitting outside catching up on what's happening with us all.. eating Pastizzis (Maltese pastries) and freshly squeezed OJ with the family.

Then last night went to dinner with my gorgeous girlfriend Nancy, in fact she took me on a date (seeing as my man is O/S) we had a wonderful dinner at LL in Kings Cross. We ate the crispy tofu, wontons and my favourite make your own BBQ pork buns. I wish I took photos but I ate it all too quickly.. We finished with homemade doughnuts filled with mango sauce and passion fruit ice cream! WHOA! It was fantastic. Food makes me tooooo happy!

Now today if I am completely honest, has been hard. Mila is sick and has a rash which is turning green..


I am so run down and tired and I can't seem to get completely on top of my work.. But I had a great couple of meetings today and lets just say I think there is a beautiful relationship starting with Glue store.


So all my wonderful friends that's a run down of my week. Over all it was hard work, great down time and a couple hard core work outs to boot.

Balance is the key (and snuggles with Mila in bed every morning helps too)


Hope you have all had a fulfilled, inspiring and challenging week.

Good things come to those who bust there buttocks x

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