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Liku Liku - our island home

Liku Liku - our island home

Benji and I don't often get to take holidays. When we do there's usually 6 days in total to get somewhere relaxing, hot and close to home (can't waste days travelling).

We went to Bali together in 2014 and as much as we loved staying at Allila in Ulluwatu, I ventured there with friends shortly after and we all got so sick we swore never to return. To risky for me to waste holidays with the chance of being glued to the toilet - WORST NIGHTMARE!

For our next trip Benji came to me with the most incredible images he found online of this new place, crystal clear ocean, palm trees and over water bures just like you see in the maldives. 

"It's too far" I moaned, assuming it was the Maldives. "It's only 4 and half hours away" he assured me.

The place was called Liku Liku and was only an hour and a half boat trip from Denerau Port in Nadi Fiji.

To say I was excited was an under statement. I googled everything I could find on this place. 

Unfortuantley like most holidays we book, we were leaving in 10 days time. All the over water Bures were booked but the incredibly friendly staff managed to find 1 bure available.

The flight is easy and cheap, as is the taxi to Denerau port where you catch the boat to Liku Liku.

We arrived in paradise. I MEAN THIS LITERALLY. PARADISE. It's in the top 2 most beautiful islands I have ever been, Qualia in Hamilton island is the other. 

"Welcome home Zoe and Benji" Samu our soon to be close friend said whilst offering us cold towels and cocktails. 

I knew we were in for a holiday to remember.

It's an adults only resort. Which keeps things so much sexier.. Sorry people with kiddies. 

It accommodates a max 90 so Benj and I made friends pretty shortly after arriving. It's so small and relaxed you often make friends by the pool which can be fun to have others to adventure with too. 

Days are filled with lots of nothing but if you want to get active there is plenty to do. Paddle boarding, canoeing, jet skiing, we even made it out to cloud 9 which was an extremely bumpy ride by jet ski but totally worth it. The floating bar is something you often see on peoples instagram feed #dreamholiday. Fun fact: They have the most incredible wood fire pizza on board. Trust me to mention that.



Back at Liku, It's private and low key. You can chill at the pool or your own beach. 

One of the absolute highlights was the FOOD. The deal is they don't employ the chefs unless they have worked at a hatted restaurant. The food rivals Sydney's Rock pool it is that good. 

Benj and I really latch onto a place if its fabulous. 

Kinda like Qualia.. We got engaged there after we experienced a short getaway a couple months prior, we also honeymooned there and travelled back at least 5 times now.

Queenstown is the same, we have been back and forth maybe 5 times together and Liku is no different, we have even there 3 times since and spent last NYE there. It was spectacular. I talked my gusband (gay husband) into coming so it was the absolute best of both worlds. Gusband and husband all on one trip. We are heading back there this NYE with another couple. We are so excited to share this place them.

Warning, it isn't cheap. But all your meals, non alcoholic beverages and accommodation is included.  Its totally worth it, I would save up for 5 years if It meant I could experience the luxury of that level in paradise.

To check it out head click here Liku Liku

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