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Let it be

Let it be

I have been a very bad blogger. I admit it. I have been inconsistent and sometimes to sad to try and motivate or be positive. 2012 was the best and worst year I have had in a while.

There was constant conflict with family that was never ending.. I got myself in hot water with a post I wrote in a moment of passion (rookie blogging error) which I regret. Tricky thing with blogging is once its out there it is hard to take back even if you remove the post.

Great lesson for life as well as blogging. Be kind. Be patient. Even if you are filled with rage, it subsides and you don't want to be hurtful or regret something you have said or written.

Then there was planning a wedding for 250 guests which was the most exhausting thing I think I have ever done. The honeymoon was romantic and equally nourishing. I needed to sleep.. I ate and drank whatever I liked and really just "followed my bliss". Benj and I didn't answer our phones or interact with social media and this is something I would like to instil into our everyday lives once in a while.

Reflecting on our time away and being peaceful was a trigger for me to be more peaceful everyday. My new years resolution is to be relaxed. To rest and to let whatever is meant to be, let it be.

The other thing last year taught me was about relationships that no longer serve us.

I believe sometimes the combination of two different personalities will never work, no matter how hard you try. Or maybe once it did work but life has taken you both on a different journey and you out grew what you once had. 

I understand now that rather forcing that relationship to work, Its best leaving it, walk away and wish them well. You may not even need to mention the separation, it may just occur over time. And this is ok. We don't need to hold onto old habits and people if we are ready for bigger and better things. 

When we stop pushing up stream and flow with the current so we allow so many other beautiful people and experiences into our lives. Now from a control freaks perspective (mine) this is very scary but extremely liberating and less exhausting.

Let it be. My mantra for 2013.

This is going to be a cracker of a year for us all.


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Stella is dead.

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