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Inspiring woman: Kat Dawes

Inspiring woman: Kat Dawes

Inspiring Women Kat Dawes

Name: Kat DawesAge: 35 Where were you born: Melbourne, Australia Where do you reside: Ubud, Bali, Indonesia What do you do: I promote the Present Moment!

When did you get in touch with your "now"? Where did this begin?

I have always had an interest in Spirituality, time, quantum physics and religions etc.  It was through experimenting when I was in school that I knew there was something important about being in the NOW.

Where has being in the now taken you? Where have you been? Who have you met? 

Well, 1st of all through cultivating an intimate relationship with the NOW, I have been introduced to my true self.  Secondly through training myself to amplify certain qualities in the NOW I become the right condition for all sorts of good to turn up in my life!

I have been on some mighty adventures!  Early on I hitchhiked from South to Central Africa, with minimal resources to put the Law of Attraction in Action.  As I travelled without many resources I saw how the universe provided me with everything I needed when I needed it.

As I fine tuned the practice I went all around the USA and connected with some of the great leaders in the Transformational industry.  In six months, I went from living in my van with no money or tangible resources, to being given a car, publishing a book, traveling to Tahiti, and landing on stage in Florida, alongside Michael Bernard Beckwith and Mike Dooley featured teachers in the movie The Secret. I then negotiated multi-million dollar production investment deals with some of the most distinguished animation companies in the world for my NOWism transformational cartoon series, The KaPow of NOW!

What do you know now that you didn't before?

Conditions will never be right for my dreams to come true... I can become the right condition by cultivating the correct inner environment (thoughts and feelings).

What is your life goal?

To continually shock, surprise and delight myself about how good it can get!!!  To continue to be deep in the practice and become a most fine tuned instrumentality of the Divine resulting in me being the clearest channel of this message possible.

To share with as many people the tools and techniques of practicing the art of NOWism, which allows them to become the right condition for their dreams to come true.  This also helps them become a beneficial presence on the planet during this time in human history.

To continue making being in the NOW, funky, sexy and cool.

Who can be coached?

Anyone who has a level of receptivity and desire to actualize their potential can be coached.  I currently work with a vast variety of individuals from T.V personalities such as yourself, to Hollywood  film Producers, teachers, mothers, athletes, gypsies, artists, real estate agents!  The Present Moment is what we all have in common.

Do you have a master/coach?

I have multiple mentors.  Dr Rev Michael Bernard Beckwith, Andy Dooley and Peak Performance Coach Craig Anthony.

How long does it take to be a master in the "Now"

Instantaneously!  And yet, it is a full-time gig, a continual unfolding.  The greatest masters remain the greatest students.

What are some keys to being in the Now?

Attention. Intention.  The NOWism practice teaches you to implement a powerful quality control department on the content of thoughts and feelings you allow yourself to have.  It teaches you to respond to life consciously instead of react unconsciously.

To really operate from the NOW, one has to get into a Romance with the living intelligence that is animating everything; the thing (or NO-thing) that makes your heart beat, your hair grow and the sun to rise!

How can it benefit others? What is the purpose and the plus side?

As an individual consciously participates in a NOWism practice, they automatically become of greater benefit to everyone around them.  They begin to know that everything is working together for their good, and as they know this, all their needs are taken care of and they become a distribution centre for more and more good.  In the beginning people take on NOWism generally because they want to manifest ‘stuff’. The house, the car, the lover, the career etc.  As they move deeper into the practice, they discover it is more about what they become than what they achieve.  The fine print is, all their dreams get bigger AND they come true as they become the right condition for a most incredible life.  It is a LAW!

Can anyone be coached?


How much is it?  What does it entail?

It is $800 a month.  4 x 1hour one on one skype calls with me, with additional email support throughout the week.  You become a part of the NOW NiNJA online community when you learn from a broad range of people like you who are applying the processes to achieve desired results.

What have you seen develop in me since my coaching?

Zoe-ism!  When you 1st turned up, I remember you were concerned about the tv/radio gigs that were slipping through your fingers!  You were mega-body conscious and not so receptive to seeing the presence of what was working in your life.  I saw you embrace the NOWism practice with a high level of trust and your results were immediate!  As we took your attention off of your gigs and terrible body (LOL!  OMG!  You are stunning!!) we placed your attention on the qualities of what you were cultivating.  Confidence, ease, flow, harmony, well being, prosperity, creativity, genius etc!  Soon enough, I saw you stop caring so much about what others thought about you, and give undivided attention to what you were thinking about you. The byproduct of such stealthy NOW NiNJA training has brought about a momentum success, the gig on the morning tv show, your New Zealand gig etc.  What I love about working with you, is you are willing to embrace the more mystical side of the practice, which is making you the right condition for a quantum leap potential in results!  You are a true inspiration!

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