My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

Happiness: your RESPONSIBILITY

Happiness: your RESPONSIBILITY


This last weeks theme is all about happiness.. Creating joy and understanding what stops it from following.

We are all creatures of our environment and what you surround yourself by seeps into your subconscious and your mood. I know when I'm around grumpy, negative, jealous, toxic people I start to engage in conversations I wouldn't usually have. We need to be mindful that we don't surround ourselves with negativity, bitchy people. 

I must confess though, I'm a sucker for real housewives. Even though they are the most toxic bunch of women and an example of what we don't want to be, I just like to watch from a far. Its easy not to let it penetrate your vibe if you're aware of it. I guess it comes down to knowing what makes you negative.. and being responsible about surrounding yourself with things that lift you rather than sink you.

Something as simple as a sad song and even the news can really bring me down if I'm not in a good head space.

Social media is a huge one and we spend more time on it than we do TV these days. I need to be responsible for what energy I allow into my feed, so when I'm scrolling I'm happy for others, positive and inspired. Not comparing my life to billionaires and arse holes.

I have culled who I follow on all social media and even friends and in real life. This isn't a one stop shop. You will notice you need to spring clean the toxic people from your social media and real life every so often. If I don't feel like there's genuine love and energy, I have to cut it off.

It takes a while to get the balls to do this. But eventually when your in such a beautiful space it will seem obvious who has a place in your happy life and who needs to go.

Note: I don't mean if a friend is having a bad patch we give them the flick and find a new bestie. I mean that you help give them the support and love they need to get back on top. Occasionally in life people are so badly affected by their situation that they tend to become bitter, dark and negative. We must persevere. But if this ever becomes an attack on you and you know they are so far gone, like a zombie in the walking dead.. you need to cut them loose. They won't hesitate to take you down with them. Misery loves company!

It all comes down to knowing yourself, knowing what feeds your soul and makes you happy and tuning in to what generates negativity and creates any kind of drama in your life.

Life will always ebb and flow. There will always be darkness with the light, but we can make sure that even with the darkness comes a challenge and gift rather than just plain awfulness.

I love you guys x




Its not me, its you..

Its not me, its you..

Happiness continued

Happiness continued