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Follow your bliss

Benj says the one thing I need to do most is CHILL out/Go with the flow. This seems to be a very difficult thing for me to do  (holidays being the exception) so I thought "OK I'll give it a go". First point was to stop being so strict with Mila. I lived by what the trainer told us and was very concerned with her development especially because she still occasionally pee's in the wrong places. Mila is the puppy in case you don't know.

So as soon as I did this, I had space to bond with my pup! She is more responsive and better behaved then when I was strict. We are sooo loved up! I think even Benj is a little jealous as he used to be the favourite. Mila on a play date.

Next I decided I am going without make up as long as I didn't have a job or an event to attend. I would go bare faced. I generally don't wear a lot of make up anyway but I went without most of the week. I felt beautiful and so clean! A little vulnerable too which is great. There was no mask. No front.

Next up was to really push my body to the limits. I have always worked out but I wouldn't push myself. I wanted to be proud of what my body is capable of, I think I was also inspired by the Olympics. So I trained with  a PT for the first time in my life. I was pushed to my lactic limits. I was almost going to be sick but I didn't want to lost face. I kept going. It was hands down the hardest work out of my life.

Follow my bliss.. I wasn't feeling blissful at the time but I was super proud of myself after that. It really is mind over matter.

Next step was my emotional bliss. The last month I have been in a pretty turbulent place emotionally. I knew I needed help so I decided to see a therapist and seek some boundaries around this really hard time. I loved it! There is no shame in asking for help. I am the biggest advocate of therapy. I think it's so important to take care of your emotional health and it is incredibly insightful. I had a big cry that I had been suppressing this whole time (control freak again). After the session I felt at peace. I now had clarity around a problem and I could put it aside and enjoy myself.

Something strange arose on the way home from my session. My leather jacket was incredibly tight and I removed the jacket to see my arms had swollen double the size! They had been sore from the PT session but this was taking it to another level. I realised I had gone too hard and I rushed to the dr. It seemed like now I had to follow my bliss and self-care on heavy drugs.. 

I would usually go to the food but with the help of the trainer, I didn't.  I went and got some DVD's and some organic produce and snuggled my throbbing swollen limbs.

I realised this week by releasing control over my emotions, puppy, body and appearance my life is a lot more enjoyable (minus the injuries) I even meditated more.

Just because I followed my bliss doesn't mean I didn't yell at Mila or get annoyed at bad drivers or stress to get to an appointment I just did it less, I even indulged in Maccas tonight.

I have to say my thoughts are clearer and my emotions are more stable.

I think I may continue to live this way. There are more benefits following your bliss than trying to control it all, all the time.

I recommend it to anyone and everyone. Do it your way. What do you have to lose.. FOLLOW YOUR BLISS




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