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Feed your worth: A week of food

Feed your worth: A week of food

After such positive feedback and so much traffic I feel like it is time to get on with more "Feed your worth" I have to say if you are tired or premenstrual as well as emotional it is very hard to stay motivated or on track. Being hung over also falls into this category. I today am all of the above.. So what did I do? I had a burrito with the lot and two pastizzi's (a Maltese snack that is a puff pastry case, filled with ricotta cheese) AHMAZING!!! and people I did not feel guilty, not one bit. Because when you make good food choices 90% of the time you can have your burrito and enjoy every mouthful.

Another issue that comes with training all the time is boredom.. Being bored with training and hitting the gym as well as bored of "healthy choices". So at this point I am bored. I know it is only my second "Feed your worth" entry but what better time to challenge myself and be honest and share it with you all..

Let us start at the beginning of our dining experiences of the week:

I had a wedding dress fitting and took Steven Khalil and his lovely dress-maker Ellie out for dinner.

Steven and I love to eat and we eat A LOT so we opt for something convenient and have Thai around the corner, the one at five ways.. I am won over by the menu which features the grilled salmon salad (which looks really unappetizing in the photo) and that's because I started to eat it before I took a photo. I guess I have to learn to be a "healthy food critique" you need to snap away before you get too excited.

Thai grilled salmon salad

We also ordered a beef salad which was perfectly tart and sweet (Thai does use a lot of sugar so make sure you ask for no sugar if you are being crazy healthy. I work it out that if I quit sugar in all other areas a little in cooking can't be that bad.. right?

Betel leaves with chicken

We also had these amazing chicken betel leaves but I think they had a few fried pieces of coconut through them .. That is why they tasted toooo good to be true! One of the tastiest entrée's I have ever had.

Rice paper rolls with Prawns

We also ordered rice paper rolls (excuse the sideways approach still learning on the job) and what I loved about these is that they were full of goodness. Not just packed with vermicelli (rice noodles). There was hearty amounts of prawns and fresh not fried tofu as well as veggies..

I had a vodka soda as I needed a bevy but didn't want the calories. I left that meal feeling wonderfully content!

That to me is a good healthy meal. Especially for a girl who likes to eat a lot!

Below is the decor from the Nourishing quarter. It is an all vegan restaurant, I know it sounds boring but it is fabulous. The tofu tastes like chicken it is that GOOD!

Very eclectic vibe at
Vegan sang choy bow

Classic sang choy bow

Quinoa noodle salad with crispy tofu that tastes like chicken. Weird but true
Real coconut water.. The flesh is so delicious too and full of antioxidants
The best part. Chocolate raspberry cake that is raw and made out of Avocado. It is amazing.

The above left is the quinoa noodle and crispy tofu salad. This is a must as well as the "pretty dumplings" which I once again ate before I took a snap.

Next is Nina and I looking very festive loving the fresh coconut, which is so high in nutrients and antibacterial qualities. The more you eat the merrier. *Also a great fact: Use coconut oil when frying or sauteing. It is the healthiest oil to cook with.

Now the truth is...AND MY MAIN REASON FOR DINING THERE... the chocolate and raspberry cake..

It's a raw cake made out of avocado, cocoa, agave and lots of secret ingredients. I know once again sounds weird and gross if you're not use to this stuff but it is brilliant! If you find getting off sugar difficult this is the most amazing indulgence. A few mouthfuls is all you need.

The five ways Thai was about $35 a head including a beverage

Nourishing quarter is around $40 p/p and byo is $3 p/p

Tips for these eateries:

1. Ask for no sugar to be added to your dishes (especially in Thai)

2. Whenever there is fried, taste but try not to indulge.

3. Lots of protein and veg to fill up

4. My trainer says to drink 400mls before you eat (I usually forget as I am to hungry to drink) it fills you up. As well as incorporating fish oil into your diet.

Well lovelies.. Till next time!


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