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Feed your worth

As all of you know I LOVE food and dining out. But truthfully it is hard to maintain a fun lifestyle and being super healthy when dining out with friends.. One red wine leads to another and next minute I have eaten two cheese platters to myself.

Now the wedding is getting close I am training and eating well. I love my new-found strength and energy and I want to share my tips and tricks with you all.

After years of learning healthy tips and tricks (asking for salad dressing on the side and extra chicken instead of bread to dip in my soup) as well now having a super trainer to share with me more knowledge than I know what to do with. I think I have finally found a happy balance of being able to enjoy what I eat and even indulging now and again.

I drink a faux coffee daily. It drives Benji mad as it's embarrassing to order. But what I have learnt is if you are watching what you eat. You are a pain in the ass. Once you are ok with that we can move on. There are certain calorie wasters that we don't need and I figure it is a day off the gym if I do a week of clever tips and tricks.

First rule: Quit sugar. I know this sounds incredibly hard. It is. I tried once and failed. But after years of stubborn cellulite and crazy cravings getting out of control. I started training with Tim (Trainer to the stars) he told me Sugar and Alcohol are the enemy. It is literally like pouring cellulite on your thighs!!! YIKES.

I can't give up my cheese parties with red wine so the sugar had to go. So he has taught me many tricks I can now share with you.

Not only does the sugar transfer into fat quicker than any other substance, it is the most addictive white poison around. For more facts and figures go to  http://www.sarahwilson.com.au/i-quit-sugar-ebook/

Sarah is a lot clearer and articulate about the facts and she looks FAB. I love walking proof that something works!!!

Her ebook is cheap and easy to read.. Believe me as soon as you get past the bad 8 days you are cool as a cucumber. I have no cravings. I am not to hardcore either. I still eat berries and apples and even have a mango every now and again. I also have some amazing bliss balls that are SUGAR FREE  and loving earth chocolate and hot chocolate really hits the spot and its good for you.

Now on to the eating out. My greatest joy is when the girls or Benj suggest we go somewhere fabulous for dinner! Rockpool, Lee's Fortuna court or just the local Thai. Food is food and I love it!

Wherever you eat out, no matter if your health conscious or not it is all about pleasure.

Every week I will take you through a dining experience and share how I make my choices on what to eat.

I hate training and I figure if I eat better I don't need to train 7 days a week.

Today we dined at Bathers pavilion.

I ordered my embarrassing coffee: Large Decaf, Soy cap with half hot water. It rolls of the tongue after a while.

Let me break that down. I avoid dairy except for the occasional yogurt or cheese (Which I always eat full fat- remember if they take out the fat they need to fill it with chemicals or sugar) I love the taste of  Soy but it also contains a lot of fat (which is fine in moderation) but Soy in a large can be a bit sickly in the tummy. Soy is thick. So I order half to be with hot water to lessen the calories but also as its lighter on the guts.

I look at the menu...

Pizza YUM, Pasta YUM.. But I had chinese food last night so I will avoid the carbs and decide on the "Tuna Carpaccio with lemon marinated Sardines and deep fried calamari **

Note** Deep fried food is my down fall. I know it and I am honest about my weakness to it. I do watch the amount I eat but I don't deprive myself. I ask the waiter if it is crumbed. He says no, it is gluten free. I share a cheeky look with my friend as I weigh up that Gluten free is a plus even if it is deep fried. I am happy  when he arrives with the meal to see it only comes with three little pieces.

Next point I am a BIG EATER. As I left lunch my tummy began to rumble... What to eat? I should have had carbs I think... NO! I just didn't have enough veggies as you will see in the pic. I should have ordered a side of greens.

I decide to go home and have a bowl of full fat yogurt and a whole punnet of blueberries.

I achieved my healthy lunch and satisfied my lack of desert with the yogurt and berries.

Note** Barambah organic yogurt is THE BEST IN THE WORLD!!! The first time I tried it I thought I was eating cream. Unbelievable. Day 1 of healthy choice dining was a 8/10. Bathers cafe is divine. Downside is the amount of Carb choices. Nothing wrong with carbs but if you are conscious of leaning down I would skip them after lunch and fill up on greens.

I am off to the Nourishing quarter tonight. And believe it or not it is a delicious vegan restaurant. They make the most incredible raw chocolate cake out of avocado and cacao. It sounds awful but is truly divine. I will snap away and share them with you!

Be strong and choose wisely.


Feed your worth: A week of food

Feed your worth: A week of food

Follow your bliss