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Creating Fox’s nursery

Creating Fox’s nursery


This I found super overwhelming.                  I am in no way an interior designer and I have no confidence when styling furniture. I knew I wanted something cute but classic.

I reached out to Babyhood as they have affordable furniture and baby pieces that have premium quality. Something I didn’t want to skimp on for a baby. I wanted to make sure everything was safe and high quality. The boss lady- Farzanah is so passionate about her product they have been tested and trialled for years and have nailed it. I gave babyhood a call and told them my thoughts. 


They came back to me with the Kaylula cot – super trendy and something I usually wouldn’t have the confidence to go for. It starts as a circle bassinet and grows as the baby grows into an oval cot (Yes Fox is already in this size – he is a big boy!) and then it turns into a toddler bed and eventually a little table and chairs set. 

This is serious bang for your buck. I chose white but it does come in wood and a wood/perpex option. The mattress was so important for me. It's breathable, washable and it’s a thicker mattress with extra support and safety for Fox. It’s also tested by Furntech – AFRDI to meet the highest Australian Standards so I’m confident I have the safest cot for my babe.

BABY ROOM 16.jpg

I matched this with an oval change table and dresser that Steven Khalil kindly bought as baby Fox’s gift and then I needed a nursing chair- for mumma this is the most important thing. Yes there are SO many on the market and so many dainty pretty ones but let me tell you when its 3 in the morning you want comfort for you and the baby. It was really hard for me to find comfort and something that isn’t horrendously ugly. I found one – The Vogue Feeding Glider Chair. Its white, plush, so comfortable it has lumbar support – it’s unbelievable how sore your back and neck gets from nursing.

Even though its white its easy to clean and wipe down. It’s stain and scratch resistant so it stays pretty too. It also reclines and the biggest thing it doesn’t rock, it glides, making it a perfect soothing chair when Fox is unsettled too. Benj is a big fan when settling. I also got the ottoman that glides too. After I had the main features I then bought a gorgeous rug, navy blue star decal and got some prints of baby animals ( a fox included) I bought a book shelf and placed all the cute gifts Fox had been given, stuffed toys, books, tiny shoes. 

BABY ROOM 10.jpg

Now I needed a little styling. Called in the big guns. My gay husband Steven Khalil. Not only an amazing couture dress designer but also a baby room stylist. He ripped down the curtains I bought, and bought me some dark navy block out curtains (block out is so necessary) he and Benji hung the framed baby animal pictures. Steven scattered the star decal so perfectly. Moved around the furniture and tweaked the styling on the bookshelf. He nailed it. 


I have quality safe furniture and gorgeous styling from the master. And most importantly Fox loves it too.

Link to website www.babyhood.com.au


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