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Club Med Kani

Club Med Kani

It has always been a dream of mine to travel to the Maldives (pronounced Mol- deeves) by the locals. To wake up in an over water bungalow to the vast expansive blue sky that meets the even more beautiful pristine waters.

To watch sharks, manta rays and flying fish while eating a decadent breakfast with all the trimmings including freshly baked croissants with strawberry jam.

There is a specific magic about the Maldives. I got to experience all of the above with my time at Club Med Kani. Club Med is one of the most established travel hubs in the world. They know tourism and they know great locations.

Kani is made up two sections.

The family friendly, all mates are welcome, activities and dancing until the sun goes down at one end and then pure stillness, romance and a little luxury down the other.

Club Med Kani suits all budgets as there are many types of accommodation- from Club rooms, to Deluxe suites,  to the over- water 5 Star Luxury Space Suite villas I got to experience.

The two areas are separated by a private concierge where children over 14 are not permitted. Bliss for me who is kiddie free at the moment but also fun that you can travel with mates who have kids and have all their needs met as well.

Club Med Kani first opened in 2000 and was renovated last year. There’s a private beach that’s 800m long and available to guests only. The bungalows are 98  Square meters. All over water. The bath and bed both have uninterrupted ocean views. Breakfast was served in our villa out on our private balcony that has a stairway directly into the ocean.

It is beyond a dream. Like I said it is magic.

There is an open bar available at all hours, which serves afternoon tea and canapés at 7pm.

Out near the concierge they serve homemade pancakes at 4pm daily. You can imagine we indulged in these daily. There is also a designated “snack” restaurant and if you know me I am a snacker- what a genius idea! It’s impossible to go hungry. You can imagine, I rolled home.

Another highlight of ours- There is a swing in the middle of the ocean that you can play on amidst the coral and the fishies.

The other thing that blew me away was the food. There are three restaurants. 1 is the snacking restaurant “Kaana Deli’Snack.” The other is the “main” restaurant  “Velhi” which serves a variety of different cuisines from Asian and local to international.

Every breakfast, lunch and dinner is different. I was feeling sick on my first night there and not sure what I could stomach. Ivan the head chef made his way over to me and asked what I desired. A hamburger, with fries. With the nod of his head and 15 minutes, I was given the most delicious freshly made hamburger.

The following day I felt fine and tried and array of dishes, sounds weird but I loved the 3 cheese meatloaf! WOWOWOWOW.

Benj had freshly wok tossed fried rice and we couldn’t get enough of the tropical pineapple.

Dinner was at a place called “Kandu” which is a’la carte- it was once again over the sea.

It’s always a 4 course meal (2 options per course), all made fresh to order.

Kani has a million things to do apart from eat, snorkelling, fishing, jet skiing, sunset cruising the list goes on… but Benji and I just needed a break. We hung out at the beach all day swam, drank, ate, slept and repeated that sequence and it was our paradise.

That’s the greatest thing about Kani you make it what you want it to be. You eat what you want to eat, you do what you want to do.

If you want to go with a group of friends and party morning, noon and night Club Med Kani is your place. If  you want to go with your family on the most memorable holiday of your life, Club Med Kani is the place. And if you want downtime and romance,- Club Med Kani is the place.

An endless turquoise playground, Club Med Kani is a postcard-perfect destination and is an award-winning resort, having won the Tripadvisor Hall of Fame Certification for Excellence for five years in a row!

Prices start at 7 nights from $1,950pp in a Club Room, $3,930pp in an overwater suite based on departure 11 Nov 2017


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