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A week on and going strong

Last week I started my new healthy eating/exercise plan! To be honest I don't think it deserves an exclamation point. I am not feeling very !!!!! about it now...  it has been hard. I have been craving choccies and my body is hurting so much today after my pump class yesterday and to be honest the interval training I have been doing challenges me to the point of tears but have to admit I am feeling lean and strong.

The first week is supposedly the hardest but I am in the most pain today. I am questioning whether or not I even turn up to the gym today. I need a day off, better still a massage.

My first week looked like this:


Breakfast: Oats w berries/almonds and rice milk.

I then did interval training which consists of walking on level 7 of the treadie then running on level 11. (I had to have a couple of minutes just walking as I wasn't coping very well)

Lunch: Tuna Salad (I love to add a quarter of an apple/dash of tabasco and hommos) to all the classic ingredients.

Dinner: I had Jesinta over and we had grilled salmon with steamed asian greens.

Snacks: Edamamae and strawberries. Organic hot chocolate with water made with coconut sugar 2 tsp of hot choc only.


Had an apple before I went to power yoga with Jesinta (have to say she keeps me mighty motivated!) It was the hardest class ever! But we buzzed out of there totally Zen. We went on to have a wheat grass shot and a carrot/brocoli and ginger juice. To be honest was hard to down the juice. To carroty for me.. Needed more beetroot and maybe an apple in it.


Lunch: Teriyaki salmon with steamed green veggies

Dinner: We went off to the origin so we had a buffet meal and I had to skip the bread basket and potatoes and opted for a lot of chicken and veggies. I had an extra serve of Thai beef salad as I was so hungry from the work out in the morning.


I had 2 weetbix with rice milk and went to Spin class. It was so HARD. I felt like I was going to be sick (more than once).. I guess the good thing with spin is if you need to chill for a moment you can without looking like you are... cheating!

Lunch: Tuna salad.

Dinner: Spaghetti bolognaise with black bean pasta.

Went to an event and had a glass of red and skipped the canapes and choccies ( a first for me)


Woke up and had my good ol' fashioned oats.

I went to Abs butts and thighs with a girlfriend which always makes a work out more fun.

We then had a bite at sushi train and instead of my usual Sushi full of rice I opted for the Seaweed salad/Miso/grilled skewered platter.

Dinner: Made Benji a Mexican pizza and made myself 2 Mountain bread burritos. Lean mince w a taco seasoning. Salad and some tabasco. Delish!!


Made a big egg white omelette (looks more like mushie eggs) with lots of veggies.

Took the day off from working out and went shopping with my girlfriend (incidental exercise)

Breakie was late so I went home and had Teriyaki salmon and steamed veggies.

We went off to a friends bday and I was starving. I had about 6 grilled chicken skewers and hommos and carrot sticks as well as 2 glasses of red and some berries instead of cake.

Sunday was my birthday so I knew this would be a hard day to stay on track.

I had an apple and went to spin in the morning. And to be hones quite shocked yet proud I trained on my birthday.

I got taken by the girls to the most beautiful restaurant. It was a Moroccan feast at Kazbah. We had 4 courses. Made up of breakfast rice pudding/ cous cous and porridge (1st course). Then a big Moroccan tangine filled with pumpkin and spiced mince topped with eggs. We then had a big spread of bacon/eggs/sausage/mushroom/spinach and beans. I skipped the bacon and sausage (not a fan anyway) and had lots of beans/tomatoes and spinach with an extra serve of tangine.

After that they brought out 2 huge pancakes (thick like cakes topped with chocolates drops/butterscotch and cream. I had a small slice.

It was then off to the footy where I had a couple of wines and a scone with Jam and cream. Its my birthday!! WHY NOT.

After the emotional game we went back to the house where Benj shaved his beard (HOW HOT IS HE) and had some french champagne with my girlfriends.

We then took off to China doll for my impromptu birthday dinner ( I celebrated already with a dinner last week).

China doll is always phenomenal. We had duck pancakes/Szechuan prawns and dumplings among many other things. Healthy eating? What healthy eating! I had all of that as well as a rosewater cocktail, glass of white and sago pudding.. I rolled all the way home and into bed.

I have to be honest I took of Monday off, I wasn't hung over but I was tired and knew my body was processing a lot of crap and wanted to be fresh rather than yuk at training. Even though I didn't train I  was straight back on the healthy eating.

And I got back into it and trained yesterday and did a pump class! I have never been in so much pain as I am in today from that class.

The question now is do I train or take the day off! I am leaning towards taking the day off!

After proof reading this blog I think its important to keep moving I will drive to Cremorne point and take Mila for a big walk.

And for those of you are wondering about the meditating I have probably done it 3 times. I find it super hard! But I need to keep at it.

All in all a great first week!


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