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80's Baby

I am an 80's baby and I get very excited when I see games/toys/TV shows from the past! Today is one of my best posts yet..

I had the Jem sleeping bag. Best Christmas present when I was 5.

Remember these ugly chokers!

I had the board game which was really fun when you were 7 pretending to be 14

Was a little aggressive at this game

"I'm posh spice!"

Absolutely loved quints! The most underrated toy ever.

Mayim Bialik is BLOSSOM?! who knew?

Loved "You can't do that on television", especially when they use to slime people. Oooh and the booger episode.

Hyper colour T-shirts

And birthday parties with the awesome ice cream cake

Barbie rockers van

Do not watch the below video if you scare easily..

The hugga bunch!


So warped.. How did my mother let me watch it?


Extending my bucket list

My Bucket list