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Kids and Pets in costume

Kids and Pets in costume


So I have to admit, I love a dress up. But even more I think its hilarious to see a pet dressed up.

On Saturday I was at a friends BBQ and she had some old outfits for dogs. I thought it would be fantastic to dress up Mila in a bumble bee outfit. It was the funnest thing I had done in a long time.

Some people are very against the FUN. In fact I call them the fun police.

So whilst Mila and I were having a great time, Benj thought this was utterly ridiculous and was not at all happy. 

The first day we got her he said if I ever see her in a handbag (which I agree is lame) or an outfit (which is amazing) he wouldn't be happy about it.

The look on his face when Mila ran out as a bee was priceless. I literally couldn't stop laughing.

So now the fact that we are banned from having dress ups I am more determined than ever to find the perfect outfit.

While I was looking for some puppy costumes I found some awesome kids costumes too!

My poor future children....

I hope you enjoy as much as I do..

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