My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

4 steps to help you become successful

4 steps to help you become successful

A girlfriend of mine is a success coach.

Her name is Louisa. You can find her here.

I asked her to share her top 4 tips to be a success-- Her thoughts below.

The entire self help and professional development industry is built upon that one question “what can I do to achieve more success in my life”.

Many of us would define themselves as living pretty average or ‘middle-class’ lifestyles, which may be true in terms of the society in which we live. What we overlook is that the majority of our fellow humans have no access to the developed world benefits we take utterly for granted. ‘Average’ income levels, education and health systems, law and order and democracy, which we regard as normal, are, in reality extremely abnormal. In saying this, there are times that we feel like we want more, we desire to move from among the top 10 per cent to the top 8 per cent by getting out hands on a bigger home, car of share portfolio, and what we neglect to realise is that we are already winners.


‘Goal setting’ is a misused term in 2017 to described a regular note taking process to make individuals feel like they have accomplished something. I believe that if we truly want to be successful we must have clearly defined goals that are not too far out of our reach and that are broken down into daily micro goals so each day we are motivated by the progression of our goals. 


Before you even get to the ‘goal writing’ part, I have provided a list of 4 key components that you can use to help push you forward and understand what it is that you truly want, who you are and what you need to achieve the goals you anticipate: 


1. DESIRE: I am not the first to say this but I do believe the number one thing we must have to achieve absolutely anything in life is desire. We have to really want something to be able to success in it and that deep desire is what will move your life towards what you want most. There is no worst place to be in life then to have no desire to achieve anything and if you have ever felt this way then you can rest assure, there is a way out. Do you know what your greatest desire is? Because when you know what your desire is you will work for it and you will become a better person along the way.


2. DIRECTION: Once you have the desire you need to stretch your competency and get direction with where you want to go. It could be as simple as taking a course online, getting a mentor or reading a book. basically chase down how other people have done something and mimic their steps to getting there. “The time to have the map is before entering the woods”. Most people get lost in life when they don’t get direction from someone who has been there and done that


3. DISCIPLINE: Once you have component 1 & 2 you must have discipline to set up repeated habits and methods that you do over and over again to get the result that you want and need. You need to make sure you have a real set of disciplines that is on path with who you are to prevent being a dabbler. All high performers have discipline that support them on their path to desire. Grab a pen and paper and write down the disciplines that you need to meet each and every single day.


4.  MANAGE DISTRACTIONS: The world will always throw distractions at you; emails, posts, Instagram pics and family situations however your job is to have commitment to achieving the results you need. You need to be able to minimise the distractions around you. The average Australian watches 4 hours of television a day! Thats an average of 61 days per year that we lose being distracted by television shows when we could be out there in the world experiencing new things, learning more about ourselves, reading more books and educating our brains to build better future for ourselves and our loved ones.


Choose the path to mastery and build the life you want by following the 4 tips above and support yourself and your mindset. What do you desire TODAY?