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How to: Practice gratitude

How to: Practice gratitude


I have been unwell since Saturday and I'm not good at being sick. I have rested as much as I can and rescheduled all work and meetings for next week. I am soooooo bored!!!! I've found it difficult to meditate during this time and so I've realised I have to bring myself back to gratitude. I have to practice my spiritual practice.

All of you out there that believe in the law of attraction and visualisation will know it all begins with gratitude. Finding miracles in the mundane.

So as I type, I realise how blessed I am to have my thoughtful husband who bought me this computer when my other one crashed last year. I'm grateful for the clean water that's in my tea, damn I am even grateful for the invention of the kettle!

I'm grateful that my body knows how to heal itself.

This list can go on and on and on. The further you go the better you feel. Well I do at least.

Gratitude is everywhere you look, even in the so called negative. For example since being sick and bored, I've really appreciated that I have a home to rest in, a bed to keep me cosy and all my needs are met. That is a blessing in itself.

So this is really a self reflective piece for me needing to focus more on the incredible miracles everywhere in my life!



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