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TCM health and wellbeing program day 1

TCM health and wellbeing program day 1

TCM health program Day 1-


That’s the word that comes to mind for the upcoming 2-4 weeks.

I’ve had hunger pangs but nothing that’s making me want to break the fast. Its funny they come and then go just as quickly.

I’ve got so much more time now I’m not thinking, planning, cooking or eating meals. This isn’t a positive or negative - just a fact.

What I realised more than I did pre program is food makes me so happy! I miss the happiness it brings me.

I’m noticing the reason I love it so much is because it’s been the most constant thing in my life. I’m not being funny.

It’s always been a source of joy and comfort. Now its not there I just have to deal with whatever comes up emotionally. This will be fun for Benj.

I drove past a Vietnamese place today and I was thinking great I will swing past there and grab lunch- SHIT- no I wont. So many times today I caught myself planning or thinking about what I will eat.

Right now its 7pm I’m in good spirits, calm, relaxed and grateful.

I know this is the first day so I’m not getting ahead of myself.

I woke after the heatwave with an insane headache. I went for my app at TCM (where I’m doing the program) I got an incredible massage and then was treated with acupuncture on my head (to treat the headache), temples, thighs, stomach, legs. My stomach had about 20 pins.

David my doctor laughed and called me a human pin cupboard I think he meant pin cushion..

I was given a box of Chinese herbs (liquid form in pouches) I took the first dose and wanted to give this whole thing in. The taste was offensive and nauseating. I have to do this 3 times a day so I was feeling irritated. Then I thought if Gandhi can do it so can I. RIGHT?!

I blocked my nose and chugged it down! I was allowed to put honey in my mouth after and then spit it out.. YAY! How lucky am I?! To be honest the 2 seconds I had the honey in my mouth was AMAZING.  Highlight of my day.

2 weeks is going to be a looooong time.

But I’m living in the moment.

I feel happy but I’m lethargic and light headed. Its almost dinner time. Can’t wait!

Bon appetite!


Health notes:

Weight 59.4

Detox Symptoms- Hunger. Boredom.




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