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Support. Grief. Love

Support. Grief. Love

I spent the day with a very close friend who experienced a huge loss yesterday. I stayed with her through the whole experience. Her grief was deep. It's impossible to not  be moved by someones grief that is close to you. I was very sad. I felt touched that I was allowed to be involved. It was beautiful.

Seeing life pass is just as beautiful as seeing life be born.

One of the most beautiful moments in my life was being with my mum when she passed away. No one else around. Just her and I sharing this incredibly intimate moment.

I wasn't a great griever, I am a private crier. It's taken me years to grieve my mum.

I really loved that my friend felt safe enough to bare her soul in front of me.

I'm not one of those friends who shy's away from grief. I have sat in that dark place. Many times. I want my friends to feel like they can express their feelings in whatever way is right for them. I never say "don't cry" or "it will be alright" they're some cheap words that make us feel better, not them. I don't really say anything at all. I just sit there.

After many hours I left. I knew that she would be left with her grief. I knew that I couldn't save her from it all. I knew that it would continue for as long as it needed too and all that mattered is she knew I was only a phone call away.



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The homeless man and me.

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