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Sachua Juan

Sachua Juan

My hair dresser at Black Ave introduced me to Sachua Juan  

Originating in Sweden in 2004 by fashion hairdressing duo Sacha Mitic and Juan Rosenlind it has taken the hair industry by storm. Used by celebs like Khloe Kardashian it has made its mark.

You can purchase at selected hair dressers and Sephora     

My go to list:

I have used many Shampoo’s over the years and none have ever made me feel so spoilt when using them. They smell incredible, they feel luxurious and my hair has never looked better.

 People are always asking what products I use so here you go-

Colour save shampoo-

Long lasting care for hair like mine that gets its greys done often..

Leaves it big and bouncy


Volume Conditioner

Adds the bounce and the shine- don’t forget it smells soooooo good. I legit have people asking about what product I use in my hair because of the smell.


Hair Spray

Light and flexible for everyday use. Its super flexible with the right amount of hold so your hair stays put but still has the right amount of movement.



Weightless and non sticky- its not the 80’s type. Its refined and its my secret weapon. Creates body and shine.


Dark Volume powder: My new favourite product.

It’s like a textured powder spray and a dry shampoo in one. It is a miracle worker. I like to use the dark coloured one becuase it covers greys too!


Ocean mist is the one product we all need- its so low maintenance.

Spray in wet or dry hair - blow dry or just toussle with your hands and you are done!


Lola Berry's clean apple crumble

Lola Berry's clean apple crumble

Healthy fights, fat shaming and being called out

Healthy fights, fat shaming and being called out