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Meditation hacks

Meditation hacks

Meditation hacks from non Zen master- Who knows if this is "right" its my little ritual I thought I would share. NAMASTE..

1.     Open the blinds, windows, doors- create air flow and bring in as much natural light as possible.

2.     Do a wee, have a snack- wear comfy things

3.     Sit comfortably

4.     Set your phone alarm to 10 mins-(use a calming alarm tone) if that seems WAY to long start with 2 mins or 5 mins

5.   Your mind will chatter- in fact I get some of my most brilliant ideas meditating- let them come and go, don’t fight or judge them

6.     Breathe

7.     I welcome in things- miracles, joy, health etc—its kinda like a mini prayer

8.     Try and find moments of complete, peace- NOWNESS

9.     When the alarm rings – don’t move – visualise something in your day you would love to happen – you are in a potent spot for manifesting with this energy.

10. Get up and move mindfully, don’t get busy, rushed.

11. Repeat the following day.


Ask me anything

Ask me anything

What I thought I knew 3 years ago.. An updated edit

What I thought I knew 3 years ago.. An updated edit