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Inspiring women: Rae Morris

Inspiring women: Rae Morris

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Rae you are one of Australia’s best make up artists. Apart from your incredible skill what do you think has made you so successful as a MUA?

I don’t think I’m that good, and my honest opinion, (my husband will kill me for admitting it publically) but because of my insecurity, I just push myself so much harder. I always find what’s wrong in my work and how I can make it better. I think I may practice my skill more than most (well that is what my other makeup friends keep telling me).

You created a line of magnetic make up brushes? Why?

To me, makeup is all about brushes. You can do more with minimal product and an incredible brush range than you can with cotton buds and drawers full of makeup. So that’s why I designed and created the RAE MORRIS MAGNETIC BRUSH RANGE, available at www.raemorris.com J

After literally using every makeup brush on the planet, I still couldn’t find exactly what I was looking for. It sounds strange, but I felt I was bringing more to the brush than the brush was bringing to me!

When you use a pointed brush shape, and the hair is super soft, two things happen. Firstly, they blend in half the time (as all square shape brushes leave a harsh edge that you then have to blend). Secondly, the super softness stops those annoying skin drags that you tend to get when trying to blend on eyelids that are slightly hooded or have excess skin.

So in relation to the magnets, I simply love organization! I love being able to reach over and grab what I need easily. I want to focus on the makeup, not digging around in a bag or a brush roll, trying to find the brush I need. So the original magnetic concept came about by trying to find better ways to organize and store my brushes. However, as we have evolved the magnetic concept, we have tailored it to offer a number of other benefits. Hygienically it is a superior system. I may work with up to 10 models in a single day (times that by 10 if we’re doing a runway show), so I don’t want the bristles to be in contact with anything but faces, not the bench, not a brush roll (which can also bend your brushes), only faces! We achieve this with the Magnetic Range because the brushes stand upright on their own. Also, I clean my brushes after every face, so for drying purposes I can just hang them upside down on any surface that a magnet will stick to - it’s so practical! I can’t wait to see the day when I walk into a women’s bathroom and see the brushes standing up on a plate, rather than lying in dried soap and left over toothpaste on the bathroom sink :)

I designed the magnetic RAE PLATE to be the perfect size to not take up too much space (you can always have 2 plates if you have more space) and to travel with. I think it’s a genius idea and there is nothing else like this in the market.

Rae Plate with brushes
Rae Plate with brushes

What are the essential make up brushes for the every day Aussie woman?

Favorite brushes: I have chosen my top 5! For each brush, there is a video tutorial on my website to make sure you are maximizing their features!

1. #26 Radiance: If I were stranded on a desert island with only one brush, this would be it! Perfect for all foundations, from mineral powders to liquid body makeup – designed to give your foundation an ‘airbrushed’ finish. This is my favorite foundation brush!


2. #1 Deluxe Kabuki: I love this brush because it is so versatile – you can use it apply both all over powder and powder/cream bronzers & blushes – plus it doubles as a contouring brush. Because of the tapered point, with gentle pressure this brush can be used for fine blending/contouring, with mild pressure it is perfect for blush application. Also, have to mention that it is just a beautiful looking brush!


3. #3 Ultimate Cheekbone: Simply the ultimate cheek contouring/shading brush (under the cheek and through the temple). I use this brush every time I do makeup – you apply the contouring colour to the shortest bristles and rotate the long bristles through to blend, for an all in one smooth application! It is best with powder-based products.


4. #6 Deluxe Pro Blender: This is the brush I use to perfect my eye shadow – it is my favorite eye blending (finishing) brush. It can also be used as a contouring and shading brush, preferably with powder based products. It’s so soft, the skin doesn’t move, so you get blending perfection with minimal strokes.


5. #17 Mascara Applicator: This brush is the secret to killer lashes – not only does this brush deposit the mascara at the root of every single hair, it will also comb through the lashes evening out all knots and clumps – perfect for precision lashes. To use, load up the ends of the metal comb with mascara – gently comb through the lashes starting at the roots.


Finally, what are the most essential cosmetics? What is it worth saving on and splurging on?

A really good quality, youthful looking foundation is essential! Having an even skin tone is the best anti-aging practice you can do, and its usually the one thing most women skimp on. A leading plastic surgeon once told me that to even out a women’s skin tone, (they would use laser and I turn to foundation) as it has more power to make a women look younger than any Botox or surgery.

Mascara is another must have, it is essential and can be very cheap. If you want to save then go for Loreal Paris telescopic – I love it. However, if you want to splurge, purchase Dior Black Out. My #17 Mascara Applicator is perfect for any brand to apply. If you are looking for a soft rosy blush (again you can really save on this one) then you must keep in mind that most (not all) blushes are made of the same ingredients, and it’s just the packaging / branding you’re paying for.

I can’t live without a good ‘eyebrow pencil’. Groomed brows are timeless and so chic, and they can be found at great prices. You just need to look for a shade that matches you brow hair colour, and you don’t need to fill in the whole brow. For instance my #16 Brow Definer Brush fills in the gaps perfectly.http://raemorris.com/products/brush-16-brow-definer

For a beautiful lip shade, I love the Tom Ford nudes and Mac shades. L’Oreal Paris also have beautiful shades, and remember – to achieve a perfect nude, look at the shade of color that’s in-between your natural lip colour and your skin tone.

Other than make up what’s the most important thing for women to feel beautiful?

Living a healthy lifestyle! You can’t feel beautiful if you feeling lethargic or bloated. This leads to your eyes appearing unclear and looking as if there is no life in them. I think your health controls your life and how you feel.

Know your worth is about inspiring women, what do you feel was your most inspired moment?

Definitely every time I work with PINK in an inspiring moment, she is who she is - on and off camera. She puts her baby first and is incredibly healthy and committed to her craft. Training for 6-8hours a day before a concert! So confident and doesn’t listen or care about what people say, she is so kind to every one around her. I wanted to be a better person after working with her.

Rae with Pink
Rae with Pink

When you have a lull what stimulates your creativity?

The App “Stumble upon” really inspires me. I choose all the “Arty” subjects then just hit the stumble button, and suddenly you ‘stumble upon’ the most random weird and wonderful things that are so obscure and things you would never normally Google. It’s so addictive - so beware!

I’ve also started to check out who follows who on instagram - for example only this morning I looked up who Victor and Rolf and Balmain follow. Then I was checking out my fave photographers Mert and Marcus and started following accounts they follow, it’s so awesome.

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