My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 



I reckon happiness is the one thing we are all seeking most. 

We often look for it outside of ourselves. We think once I have the perfect (insert your most common excuse) body/lover/bank account/job, we will be happy. 

We don't understand that the fast track to happiness is by making ourselves happy not expecting outside influences to do it for us.

Start small. Some times when we feel like life has really F*cked us we can become bitter and defensive. First we need to Taylor Swift it (shake it off) and then we need to re focus. The more we focus on the bad the more bad we attract. Once we accept the F*ckedness we can move through it. That old saying "What you resist, persists" feel the pain/ shock/frustration. The worst thing is to squash it, feel it and move on. RE focus: this can be done super easily. Shift your attention. Watch a great TV series or blast a killer song in the car - dance like no one is watching even if the cars next to you think your a werido- who gives a shit, you are on the way to feeling good again.

I feel incredibly happy when I am grateful. Something as small as having internet access so I can write this makes me happy. Life moves fast these days and we have high expectations of things and can often lose sight of little miracles such as the internet even existing! We can literally google anything that comes to mind. We have so much joy right at our finger tips. Take it further than that, look at things we take for granted like our hands. Our legs. Eye sight. Health. We are fucking blessed.! I didn't even bleep that one.. 

I think we are spoilt and we expect other pleasures to fulfil all our needs (food/sex/alcohol/entertainment). Dont be complacent. This is your joy. Take responsibility and practice it. 


Dancing/singing/playing/colouring in! Whatever it is that makes your little heart sing.. do it!

Give someone a compliment

Do something for somebody else- this is tremendous. The more you give the more gifts the universe bestows upon you. I know when I am a super wife to my man, he doesn't even know how incredible he becomes. It has to start somewhere. 

Breathe: It will be ok

Eat something you will have no guilt over and you know your body will love. 

Next step in happiness is all about YOU. I hope you enjoy the next post.


Happiness continued

Happiness continued

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