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Feed your worth: Japanesy

Feed your worth: Japanesy

Those of you who know me, know that Japanese is my first choice when dining out and eating healthy. It is simple, clean and easy to make good choices. Jackies cafe in Paddington is a hot spot for the trendy. It has good food which combines japanese with traditional cafe options.

This blog is all about being honest so I have to say it's overpriced and the sashimi portions are small. On the upside the salads are robust and delicious. In all honesty you won't walk out with a full belly under $45 a head.

The fool proof way to order Japanese is to start with Miso, it is super healthy and fills you up a little so you wont over eat. Edamame and seaweed salad are also great choices full of vitamins and fiber. I always opt for some sashimi and a little sushi roll.. We can't cut carbs completely or we will be hungry in 20 mins. Try and see if they make a roll with brown rice. That will keep you full for longer. On this particular day we also ordered the seared salmon salad (I scooped off all that creamy unnecessary wasabi mayo. Tasty but ridiculously fattening) we (Steven Khalil and I) also ordered a pumpkin, goats cheese salad (I passed on the delicious crispy bacon pieces and croutons - another fat filler). If you feel like you are being deprived have a little taste.. I usually find that it is enough or not even worth it most of the time.

And then to end and give the sweet tooth the boot I get the FAUX coffee..

It is the only part of the day I get a little sweetener with the cocoa on top.. It is heavenly..

When the girls want to go and have a dinner or you are asked on a date.. Suggest japanese.

My all time favourites are Toko in Surry hills, Sushi on Stanley, Tanpopo in Neutral bay, The little place in Newtown that is super cheap... I forgot what it is called but I will let you know! It is so fresh and will cost you $10 for lunch or $20 for dinner.

For now that is all.. Domo, Arigato!

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Feed your worth: A week of food