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Detox day 2

Detox day 2


I slept really well last night.

That was a fear of mine. When I’ve been hungry in the past I’ve be known to sneak to the kitchen and bring snacks to bed .How could I let myself sleep hungry? It wasn’t like I was going to eat again in another 8 hours?!

I woke up and felt very lethargic, almost like I was a bit stoned.. I was so out of it.

I rolled out of bed maybe 2 hours later and got some things done in a very slow and present pace. Things were taking ages. I was noticing things I had never seen before. The way the water drops fell from the shower faucet. Maybe I was stoned?

I got another fabulous massage this time focused on my outer thighs or "saddle bags" as society likes to mock them and then acupuncture.

I store my fat on my thighs so the vigorous massage is stimulating all the fat.. I guess?

It made me think - no wonder you feel amazing at the end of this program you have been nurtured everyday for two weeks. I think the following phase is 4 massages a week (they’re only about 15 mins) but still!

This is a full time commitment. Lucky I’m still on holidays. What do people do when they work full time? Dr Liu does have 5am appointment times!

I wouldn’t suggest this if your working and stressed. The lack of food and the amount of rest you need is dramatic. I think people do it but I’m not sure I would be strong enough too.

I still had hunger today but its like an annoying nagging child, I am getting used to ignoring it.

I had anxiety about the weekend today. What am I going to do? Who will hang out with me? Its hard to think of fun things to do that don’t include food. Please leave comments of what you think I can do…

David my doctor today told me it isn’t a “fast” because I’m “eating” herbs. I’m drinking the foul drink but it doesn’t taste or feel like food.

He told me it isn’t a fast because I’m getting all the energy, nutrients and sustenance I need from the herbs. I'm taking his word for it. It feels very much like a fast….

After my appointment I went and sat in the park. I NEVER DO THIS. But I had time because you know, no eating.

It was lovely. I dug my toes into the grass.

I ran some errands then you guessed it, rested. My body was saying lie down.

I took the herbs rather well. I have a system. I block my nose- skull the herbs then chase it with the honey I spit out.

It actually does fill me up a little…

Off to spoil myself tonight. The husband is taking me to the movies. I’m already preparing myself for no snacking (MY NIGHTMARE) I love snacks.

This could be torturous. Welcome to my life for the next few weeks. Not eating ruins everything.

Health notes:

Weight 58.6 I’ve lost 800gms (mostly water)

Symptoms: light headed, lethargic, hungry, skin is producing more oil, tongue had a light white coat, breath isn’t bad yet (something to look forward too)

I feel calm, present, happy and patient.





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