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I can't believe she had the audacity.......Actually I can.

I can't believe she had the audacity.......Actually I can.


AUDACITY: I love this word. The dictionary meaning is "a willingness to take bold risks."

synonyms: boldness, daring, fearlessness, intrepidity, braverycourage,courageousness, valour, valorousness, heroismpluck, recklessness

Its something I have talked in length to Kat Dawes (my spiritual guide) about. We all know about "The secret" and making our vision boards, goal lists and then talking about them as if they're already happening as it speeds up the action.

But there is something else we often leave behind.

When we make our vision boards, lists or are summoning (bringing forth the "want" by acting as if it's happened) are we keeping it safe or do you have the Audacity to call in the most incredible opportunities for yourself.

I used to make my "wish" lists a little safe and they were great, most of them have come true... but now its time to have some balls. I have been really challenging myself to call in the GREAT opportunities. Nothing safe and comfortable. I am talking big.

Look at Iggy Azalea, a white girl from Byron bay. She's now one of the biggest rap superstars in the world. She's working from the centre of the industry and with the most successful people in the business. She is becoming a phenomenon. She is becoming a brand. Iggy has AUDACITY. Whether you like her or not there are a million examples of other successful people doing it too. Lady Ga Ga said "I walked around like a super star way before anyone else knew I was one".

There is something magical in the energy of this attitude. Some call it faking it til you make it. To others it seems their birth right to shine. I am starting to take a leaf out of their books.

I went to a meeting last week with a very influential person in the industry and he asked me a question. "Where do you see yourself?" I said "Do you want the truth?" he nodded and I told him straight up that I felt I could do one of the industries most sought after jobs. He was taken aback and then agreed that it could be possible.

I didn't stop there. I made sure I met with all of the people in the industry that I felt were vital to take me to the next level. There is definitely a level of hustle to creating the magic too. You can't just wish for it. You also have to take action.

I had the Audacity to call it in and when I  was given an opportunity to announce it. I did.

Who knows if I will get the job. If it doesn't happen it's because there is something bigger coming for me. All I know is I am having a lot more fun creating my goals with audacity versus being safe and small. And in the mean time I am bloody grateful for the life I have created this far and the people in it. So very very grateful.


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