A day of endometriosis.

Today is a bad day. It started last night with the cramping. I've had endometriosis for a few years now. I had it removed when it became unbearable about 3 years ago and it grew back quite quickly. I was adamant not to get the surgery again as it can cause issues including fertility risks so I just tried to live with the pain. The second day of my cycle is always the worst. About 6 months ago it was so severe I blacked out. Each month the pain differs but today its bad. The pain wakes me during the night. Which means I have to make my way to the kitchen hunched over (its too painful to stand) heat a wheat pack in the microwave, try to stomach half a banana so I can take some prescription pain relief and then clean myself up. I don't even want to get into the amount of blood lost. It's a monthly nightmare and then 2 days pass and "poof" just like that I feel human again.  

I'm very lucky I get to stay home today. I had to cancel all my plans and have been resting. Everything revolves around the pain. It is awful. If you suffer with endometriosis seek medical attention a good gyno will be able to give you some options to ease the suffering. The only cure they are aware of is pregnancy and on the flip side endo can also make some women infertile.. Catch 22 anyone.

I don't like to buy into the negative thoughts of what endo could be doing. I avoid sugar and wheat as the endo thrives on it and I take care of myself when it flares up and I rest. 

I once wrote an article on endometriosis and I got a lot of backlash from other sufferers saying I was sugar coating it. You can read the article here.

I was so bullied by these women on twitter I didn't want to share my story again. But then it wouldn't be very "KYW" if I didn't right?

It's important I share with you the bad days as well as the good.

I'm now working with a fabulous kinesiologist who is helping me heal. If you want a holistic way of healing google David Revitt. He is superb.