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8 ways to look slimmer without lifting a finger

8 ways to look slimmer without lifting a finger

1. Spray tan. Yes its an oldy but a goody. I swear every time I get a spray tan (I avoid real tanning to avoid premature ageing) I feel sexy. I don't know if this is because the tan covers some of the cellulite or if it's because it literally makes you look thinner.. Optical illusion? Who cares it works.. The best spray tans are from Facial Attraction in Gladesville


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2. Spanx or figure wear.

Yes it is incredibly unsexy to look at on and you will feel like a stuffed sausage in its skin but women all over the world swear by this and if I am feeling a little bloated I slip or rather squeeze into one of this babies and we survive another day.


3. Wear black.

It is a sure fact and known to most women that keeping it simple and wearing head to toe black is not only chic but incredibly slimming.


4. Know how to dress your body.

This is a big one and sometimes needs a professional or at least an honest friend to help with. I know for my figure I need to wear any kind of neck line except for a high neck (hating that it's still in fashion) and yes I will wear one if the rest of the garment is super slimming (ie synched at the waist or shows the legs). I have a larger bottom half to top so I need to be smart how I dress my figure. Look online to see a celebrity that is similar shaped to you to get some simple and free tips.


5. Wear sky high heels.

If I want to instantly go from feeling frumpy to lean I put on my highest heels. My chiropractor will kill me for saying it but its true. High heels change the way you stand and walk. It makes you taller and therefore I feel slimmer.


6. Wear your hair big!

It may seem ridiculous and it is an optical illusion but if I am feeling bloated I tease and curl my hair and make it huge! The bigger the better.. Actually I always love big hair who am I kidding.


7. Learn how to contour your face.

This is crucial! And this list is not in order of importance because this would be fighting for number 1 spot. Learning how to do your make up can make a huge difference. There are YouTube clips to help you as well. You don't need to spend a heap of money on lessons. If you do want to treat yourself for a make over pay close attention especially to the contouring, Napoleon is a God at this and all the girls at the lifestyle store will take there time to show you how.  Book here: http://napoleonperdis.com/aus/life-style.html or have a look on YouTube.


8. Put your "go to" outfit on. Sometimes trying on a million outfits when you're having an off day is the worst thing to do. Wear the outfit you know you look good in or have been complimented on before. It will give you confidence and the whole point is confidence makes you sexy therefore you will feel slimmer.


So go on have another spoonful of Nutella. I am.

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