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30 things I learnt before 30

30 things I learnt before 30


1. Forgive: No matter what hardships life has dealt me or how long it took to forgive its possibly one of the most important things we need to learn to do in life. Letting go of hate, resentment and all that is attached to anger liberates us. This can be a long process and sometimes needs support not only from friends and family but from a therapist. You are in control of letting go. 2. Making my own way: I think growing up with a single mum who struggled financially was a great lesson of what I didn't want. She did the best she could and she was the strongest greatest woman I know but I wanted to create my own life path and not follow my parents habits. This can sometimes be hardwired into us and even if we think we are nothing like them we can subconsciously hold onto their ways. Pave your own.

3. Choosing the right man/woman: It can be hard when you go through turmoil in life, you can be drawn to the wrong people. I know when I was most vulnerable I attracted a man who was the worst thing for me. My foundation wasn't strong enough that I ended up in something abusive because I didn't feel like I had a right or even a voice to stand up for myself. I felt like I deserved this awfulness. After time and much healing I knew what I deserved. When you walk around knowing your worth you attract someone who matches that feeling and treats you wonderfully. I am blessed I met Benji.

4. Surrounding myself with the best: Over the years some of your friends, even family don't always work out to be the best people for you. I have gotten the courage to cut these people out of my life. I'm not saying just stop all communication. I had very honest conversations with all the people who I had to get rid of and some I'm sure believe I was negative for them for whatever reason. Whatever the reason is sometimes certain people clash or grow in different directions and that is ok. Respect that and move forward.

5. Meditate: This is the most nourishing thing for my soul. I am a better person for mediating even 15 minutes a day first thing in the morning. I am kinder, more patient, creative and can access my flow easily.

6. Flow: I can become quite a control freak at times. It is something I have worked on with my spiritual healer. Flow means trusting in the Universe to provide all the answers for you. It means that all is well, that everything works out for your greater good. My mantra this week "Opportunity finds me"

7. Listening to my intuition: I feel good almost everyday. Occasionally I have a bad mood or feel overwhelmed or frustrated but generally I am very happy. That is intentional! I surround my self with positive things all the time. On those odd occasions I feel triggered by some form of negativity (it could be fear, insecurity, jealousy or anger) I have to trust that whatever has triggered this for me and I should look at why? I have to ask is this healthy for me? If not it has to go.

8. Don't accept anything other than the best: I am 30 now which means that I have worked long enough on myself to know my worth. I want to have the best health (my responsibility) the best relationships (my responsibility) the best job (my choices) the best life . All these things are determined by my standards. Some times in life we have to do things we don't want to do to help us reach our goals.  I nannied for 3 years 10 hours a day. It wasn't my first choice but I made sure I chose families I loved and I made the most of my time there.

9. Learn what clothes suit your shape. Onto something with less depth. I think its important to google, read mags and see what body shape is similar to yours and how stylists style them. This is a life saver.. I can't wear a high neck top if its loose or I look like a ompa loompa!

10. Challenge yourself. The only way we grow is from experiencing new things. Challenge yourself. Challenge your beliefs. When you get to your next birthday you want to be able to see a change for the better.

11. Learn what foods honour you: I love ice-cream but my stomach can't digest it properly. I get really nauseous, same happens when I eat too much sugar. I have learnt that whole foods and lots of protein and veg allows me to function best.

12. Smile at strangers: Be kind to everyone you meet. This is one of the most important ones. Watch "Derek" by Ricky Jervais - great lesson on Kindness

13. Don't judge: We have no idea what someone is going through. Everyone experiences life and their lessons in their own time.

14. Be a good friend: If someone you love is behaving like a dick, call them out on it. You are the friend that needs to be loving and truthful even in the tough times.

15. Don't sweat the small stuff

16. Love your flaws. Accept it all. It most likely won't change. I have been trying to shrink my thighs forever and I have to come to terms with the fact that it is my body shape and it may not be in style but it is beautiful cellulite and all.

17. Learn from animals. Be genuine, playful, loyal and committed. We can learn so much from animals and nature.

18. Don't get attached to your possessions. They are just things.

19. Anthony Kiedis (from the Red Hot Chilli Peppers) book "Scar tissue" shared that their song "Give it away now" was about a friend of his who gave Anthony their favourite Jacket. He was shocked and denied the gift but the friend insisted that all things must be shared. Giving it away allows more to come into your life. Life is a flow as is money and possessions.

20. Learn how to ask for help: MASSIVE FOR ME. I am terrible for asking for help and it has taken me a long time to understand that your friends actually love to help. Well it makes sense I love to be there for y friends and feel very honoured when they come to me for support. It's just wrapping my head around it being the other way around.

21. No one likes a princess: Being with Benj taught me that being low-key and down to earth is much sexier than being a high maintenance girly girl. I am way less of a pain in the ass than I used to be.

22. Everyone deserves a second chance

23. Be responsible for your health. I am always on top of my check ups. Maybe I am a little pedantic but I always know that my health is on point. We only have one body- take care of it.

24. Use great skin care and sunblock everyday. It doesn't have to be expensive. You can buy Seba med (moisturiser) at the chemist for less than $20.

25. Practice safe sex. ALWAYS. Unless you want a baby or an STD then its your call.

26. Invest in nice sheets, towels and clothing. By 30 I deserve no Polyester anything.

27. Have lots of make up free, messy hair comfy clothes days. You deserve it.

28. Patience: I am working on this daily... I know its important yet I have not mastered it.

29. Gratitude: All day, everyday about everything. The fast track way to the best life ever!

30. It only gets better - the older we get the richer in wisdom. Bring on the next 30 and the 30 after that!





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