My name is Zoe Marshall, I'm an over sharer and media personality. 

My clean and lean meals

FOOD GLORIOUS FOOD! I love food. It gives me so much pleasure. I love eating it in and out. I love sharing meals and wine with friends and family. I just love everything about it. But Now that I am getting older I really do appreciate good healthy food as well. Don't get me wrong I love Macca's as much as the next person and Cadbury is one of my best mates but good healthy clean food makes you feel strong and energised.

I would love to share some dishes I have prepared in my time and depending on the response I will also share the recipes. These below dishes are low fat and low carb and I eat like this If I am on a detox or just because I absolutely love the taste and can go back for seconds with no guilt.

Buckwheat toast/Avo/Mush/Spinach/Smoked salmon

Black bean pasta (ridiculously good for you)

Tuna and tomato pasta sauce

Rye toast with goats cheese, tuna, tomato and fresh baby spinach

Miracle noodles (have 10 cals per pack and are packed with fibre) with Thai herbs, tofu and wok tossed veg.

Oat bran Choc and Berry muffins. Made with only yogurt/cottage cheese/oats/baking powder/cocoa/egg and berries.

Classic Bolognese sauce with lean mince and cherry tomato sauce. Can be with traditional pasta or black bean.

Oats, rice milk, blueberries and almonds.

Grilled salmon seasoned with lemon pepper and asparagus with a dash of oyster sauce.

Banana loaf the highest in carbs or all the dishes but still healthy and delicious

Rice pasta with salmon, cherry tomatoes, spinach and red onion.



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